File that is supported says unsupported.

When I import a PNG file it says file unsupported.

So I clicked import and checked out the supported files

When I check it says PNG is supported yet, it says the same thing every time file unsupported.

Please help!


  • @SansPikachu I have no issue with png in Express.  I would imagine your png files may be corrupt?   Try re-saving in a bonafide image editor such as Photoshop, for instance.

    More information is needed to troubleshoot.  What is the source of the png files, how were they made, etc.

    Also a MediaInfo report may shed some light as to why they are different than an average png.

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    i am having similar issues. i have downloaded some transition assets from  ( as recommended by fx )and they all seem to be  in .avi ( which should be readable by hitfilm ) and yet when i import any of them i just get the error message  "the media file could not be loaded" . 

  • after having found a transition asset which is recognised in hitfilm , it now plays with a green screen at the start and end of the asset !!!  when i click on the preview in productioncrate, it doesnt do this but as soon as i put it in hitfilm, i cant get it to play without the damn green screen appearing for a second before and a second after.  its infuriating. 

  • @SteroHerz What is the exact transition from ProductionCrate you are having an issue with?  I'll download it and see if I can find out what's up.

  • its ok , i have just found out why the asset has a green screen, the mp4 downloads all have them.   on the productioncrate forum they suggest that hitfilm users download the .MOV files , i have done, but hitfillm wont recognise it and tells me i have to install quicktime.    not sure if quicktime is safe for windows 10. , anyone used it ?

  • @StereoHerz Yes, it is safe.  I have it installed just for Hitfilm MOV files.  I think after you install it you have to restart your computer for Hitfilm to pick it up though. But it may just be Hitfilm has to be restarted.

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