Trying to "Save as.." a composite which contains embedded composites fails

Tried to search this out, but couldn't find sorry in advance if this has been asked and answered.

This is HF Pro v14, I have a composite which does contain other nested composites and when I try to "save as.." I get "This composite shot cannot be saved because it contains one or more embedded composite shots."

BUT, if I select just one item, like opacity for example, and mark it published, then I can save out the composite.  It will even import in just fine and then it's available within the installed templates.

Is that the only way to do it?  Seems like you should just be able to export out your comp shot so you can use it later in another project without having to do that extra step of publishing something when all you're looking to do is export out a comp to use later in another project.



  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Just save as a project file. 

    The Import Composite Shot function will let you select a project file as well. You'll be able to select any/all comps from the project for import. If you err and forget to select a needed embedded comp the import will even grab that for you! 

    Functionality the Export Comp feature has never handled embedded/nested comps. What you said about publishing is interesting... 

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    Excellent.  That'll work for what I'm trying to achieve.  THANKS!

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