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compared with Davinci Resolve


low size on disk

customizing interface

moving layers


not have dark theme ui, available only in paid version.

can not configure the percentage of compression quality of the codec

not have GPU render. Davinci much faster exporting videos.

The program should attract users with its advantages, ergonomics, and ease of use. But program push away. Issues low, but they very important. Better then make a demo or trial version, which will show benefits and attract new users, and hold old.


  • @paladinqp thanks for the feedback. If you have any specific changes, features or wishes for the software, considering posting them in the "wishlist" thread.

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    "customizing interface"

    You can customize the Interface to your hearts content. You need to specify what you mean in order to bring discussion.

    "not configure the percentage of compression quality of the codec"

    You have full control of the levels and bitrate, and bitrate is what directly affects size, and a bigger or  a smaller size means more or less compression. Unless you ment the render pass workflow but IMO, HitFilm wouldnt really benefit from having that.

    "not have GPU render. Davinci much faster exporting videos."

    Encoding is done in software on the CPU. DaVinci is no exception, it doesnt export your projects on the GPU only, its a back and forth process between the CPU, GPU, RAM, disk just like HitFilm. The speed when exporting if you render the same project and it happens to be faster in DaVinci just means that HitFilm needs more optimisation. FXhome doesnt have 200 developers like black Magic. It still blows my mind that a company this small is being compared to those giants. :)

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    It's worth noting that all the rendering for export is done on the GPU, so the "not have GPU render" statement is incorrect in this case.

  • A few questions/ ideas for future updates:

     - will there be grade layers for the editor timeline?

     - will there be the possibility to create multiple editor timelines (like nested sequences in Premiere Pro)?

     - will there be a "drag and copy" - tool for the timeline?

     - will the 3D-Camera-Tracker be released as an Express-Addon?

     - will Express support Third Party Plugins (VideoCopilot)?

     - the audio waveform is not loading when playing the timeline and getting into a new area that has to be loaded again (see my latest support request)

  • One thing I forgot:

     - it is a bit unconvenient to change the duration of composite shots dependent on the layers inside

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    @paladinqp @SliceLetsPlay

    Some good questions and suggestions here, but the Wishlist thread is the correct forum thread for suggestions to improve the software.

    @TheBenNorris close conversation, please? 

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