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Hello community!

I want to ask admins of the forum, is it possible to create a small switch, as seen on youtube ot here - day/night.

Personally I prefer black design. And I think a lot of people actually like black themes more, it may be easier on eyes in low light conditions.

Thank you!


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    @Triem23 @Stargazer54 Bot?

    In any case if youre legit. There was a chance in how the dark theme is provided. Its now a paid feature

  • @davidroad although you've made posts before, that suspicious and irrelevant link you made suggests you are a bot.

    In the case you're not, could you clarify if you mean the forum or the software, and in both cases, it would not be the forum mods that do that.

  •  You may remove the link if you want. I'm not a bot. I just how the site looks when dark theme enabled.

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    The OP was showing the function of the theme at <texted removed>.com  (top left corner) to change from lite to dark. At times you folks jump too fast to the "bot" thing.

  •  Thank you. It's funny how the internet has changed. Posting a link now a crime!

  • @davidroad Yeah, the bad guys have made it not so much fun for everybody else.   At my workplace I can't tell you how many compromised accounts we have dealt with just this week.  So it's easy to get gun shy and think hackers are around every corner.

    Usually the tell tale bot sign is an unrelated post that gloms onto an old thread.  That has kept Ben pretty busy closing those down. (FYI, Mods do not have that ability)  But occasionally bots will post a new thread.  Apologies if you felt singled out. 

  • @davidroad The use of the word ""here" always draws suspicion. Best to use straight up text to the link without hypertext in this forum if it's out of the ordinary. These forums do attract a lot of spammers using bots dropping useless links. 😉

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     First of all, any links to sites that are not commonly used are suspicious. Second, your post history doesnt look legit because some answers are straight from the bot handbook, and lastly, nobody is attacking you. There was a reason to be suspicious and this forum does not support private messages anymore, and so something like this does need to be handled in an open environment. 

    What you need to do is think before replying, because its very easy to not look like a bot.

    A dark themed forum with full CSS customization can easily be done with Chrome extensions among others. As for HitFilm, theres no XML upload so the skin you get are those you have to use, unfortunately.

    To the rest of you, take a look at this post and the link

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    Link is bad then being used as an advertisement/scam/spam etc. Mods are killing internet when deleting absolutely legit links. Anyway it's your decision, because I'm a "bot".

    Please close the thread.

  •  @Triem23 @Stargazer54 Since it's the weekend I'm tagging you guys. Check my comment because I think people in general overlooked something. And if it's just a malicious link, fair enough but it shouldn't stay, IMO. 

  • Tagging @TheBenNorris to make the call.

     @CNK FYI Mods do not have god like powers.  Plus this one is on the edge.  So we'll need somebody else up the food chain.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @CNK Yeah, I'll agree with @Stargazer54 and let @TheBenNorris make the final call, but, Ben, read my next paragraph.

    @davidroad regarding your earlier comment, "Mods are killing internet when deleting absolutely legit links." You're overlooking several things. Firstly, companies are bound by law, and many of those laws do have an impact on this forum. As an example, EU Article 13. Article 13 makes FXHOME liable if a user on this forum posts links that could be in contravention of EU copyright laws. There's a link CNK posted above ( ). It's to one of your comments, and you have linked to an illegal file-sharing service. This action theoretically impacts on FXHOME as, under EU law, FXHOME is considered liable if they allow your link to stand. Additionally, you're in violation of the Terms of Use for this forum with that link. (Ben, on the off change davidroad removes his own link before you see this, Google "two-movies dot name," which is where the link leads.)

    So, if we mods (who do NOT work for FXHOME and are not compensated from what we do), or FXHOME Staff might, occasionally, delete a link that was "legit," understand we are motivated by protecting the FXHOME user base, as well as FXHOME itself.

    I don't know what the initial link was that you're objecting to having deleted, but, yes, one of the links you posted is, in point of fact, a crime. This doesn't mean I think you're a bad actor, or deserve banning from this forum. I think with the link under discussion (in the other thread) you've made a genuine error in the spirit of sharing. I think the link removed in this thread was also intended in the spirit of sharing, but CNK was looking out for FXHOME as well. He and Ben did ASK for a response - which I've done myself - rather than make the assumption you're a bot.

    CNK as a point of reference, what MODs can do is edit the text of an individual comment, delete individual comments, merge threads, move threads between subforums and split comments off from thread A into new thread B. We can't delete threads (well, we can, but we have to merge two threads then delete the individual posts), and we can't close threads.

  • This is why fx team needs to quickly update this forum so we can limit link posting....I know they are  going to do this but this needs to addressed asap.  Before others  get falsely accused of being a bot.

  • @Triem23 @CNK thanks for bringing that previous post to my attention, I hadn't noticed. This topic has got fairly out of hand and is pretty irrelevant to OP's original discussion. I can understand why it seems like we are "quick to call bot" but for every user that posts a suspicious link and is genuine, ten more are spam posters or hacked accounts.

    Per OP's request I'm going to close this thread, but I will note that the after reviewing your previous comments @davidroad you have posted links that are not welcome on this website, and this is a warning so you do not post illegal or harmful links in the future. If you have any confusion as to what I mean, see CNK's comment.

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