Audio Syncing of multiple Clips

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Hello dear Hitfilmers!

Kindly asking for help:

A client shot a concert with 2 cams, one cam full length (one file), while the other cam on / off, thus creating some dozens of files...
Switching from other pro editing software I want to aks if I can synchronize all these multiple clips via audio synchronization in HITFILM  PRO 14? (The full-time file from cam 1 would be the reference)
How many tracks (with one clip to synchronize each) can I create? Or does audio syncing also work within one track (when I put the clips one after the other), having another one audio reference track above?

Thank you so much!



  • @jilimdp unfortunately HitFilm does not have audio synchronization built in. If this is something you think the software could really use, then please let us know on the wishlist thread!

  • Thank you very much, @TheBenNorris! Yes, of course, it is an absolutely essential feature in a pro-environment. Wouldnt even talk about "Multicam edit" here, that's a bit different, but simple audio syncing of clips from different cams on several tracks would definitely attract many pro users! Shouldn't be that difficult to code as its a feature in several other - even customer - programs.  I hope you guys will add it, for the rest Hitfilm is an amazing top notch all in one solution! Thank you and best wishes! 

  • @jilimdp we do provide 1-1 synching typically for one track to a scratch track, but I don't believe this would work for the multiple short clips you've mentioned.

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     Thank you @TheBenNorris , I will try! Best wishes!

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