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Will there be any updates for Ignite Pro in the near future? I ask, because the latest *significant" update was more than a year ago. The others only were bugfixes or preparations for different client-software.




  • What features do you miss?

  • @MarcoBBQ FXhome rarely comments on release dates or time frames... in recent years this has changed a bit however, I don’t really expect anything Ignite related to be announced until it actually comes out. 

    Ignite plugins are essentially retooled HitFilm effects and frankly, there have been few to 0 new effects that have come to HitFilm in the last couple years that would work as Ignite plugins. I think Ignite already has all or almost all the plugins they could reasonably do, so because of that, Ignite only gets support updates. Also keep in mind that Ignite isn’t a flagship product and isn’t treated as such. I’ll be interested in seeing if Ignite is now a matured software or if we’ll see any substantial updates in the future.

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    "seeing if Ignite is now a matured software or if we’ll see any substantial updates in the future"

    That was my main reason, why I asked: what can we expect in the future or is it at the end of its evolution?


    a second reason for me was, that I payed and renewed maintanance and of course want to know, if I get something for it besides support.


  • @MarcoBBQ

     While it’s certainly possible a staff member may reply and answer all your questions, don’t hold your breath for it.

    As I mentioned above, Ignite plugins are based on HitFilm Effects. While we don’t know exactly what’s coming to HitFilm, it looks to me that- based on developer comments and what the community as a whole seems to want- the focus for HitFilm over the next year is going to be performance improvements, quality of life improvements, and reworking old buggy parts of the software to make it easier to use (the speed effects, for instance).

    At this point, the HitFilm community has made their voices heard: they don’t care about new effects right now (except warp stabilization)...  They want features that make HitFilm itself better. This is great news for HitFilm, but unfortunately it means Ignite will probably remain stagnant for the next little bit, only getting the occasional new addition that you may or may not even use. If you’re the type that gets the latest edition of your editing software every year, you may need to keep updating your Ignite license to ensure compatibility. Other than that, I’d probably wait to renew until you need to update for compatibility, or there’s some new features you really want. That’s the nice thing about FXhome’s business model- you pay, you get 12 months of updates, but you get to keep your latest update forever... you don’t have to keep renewing if you don’t want.

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    Got it and pasted it in the back of my brain :-)


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