48hr vfx challenge decay


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    I like it. It's a few of the early frames that aren't working, but, overall, this is an effective simulation of a time-lapse decaying fruit. Very clever stacking of filters, masks and images. 

  • @Andy001z Sadly, I can't see it without The Twitter :(

  •  @Tddavis you should be able to just click on the link, no twitter account needed, it will show you in the browser. 

  • @Andy001z One of the daughters had used my Google acct to sign to her Twitter and it was defaulting to it with a wrong password and giving no other option.  Went into Google passwords and removed it and it let me see it without the prompt to change the password.  Looks good. Made with a series of photos? 

    I've been saying I only made one stop motion animation when I took a class on FutureLearn but I actually did 2.  One was with a Lego Bulldozer set up and clay boulders and the other was a series of photos of one of the grand daughters supposedly ice skating.  I had forgotten that from live action pictures.

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     @tddavis No it's 2 photos with a stutter effect on top, set matte to get the look and a opacity to bring the decay into play. Plus a smoke effect, and a grade or two , some masks with a colour grade to give the appearing redfish mold look. 

  • @Andy001z Oh, that's very creative thinking to get the look then.

  • Why are you not happy with this? It looks good and theres a clear decaying effect. I cant make something that cool yet so dont beat yourself up :)

  •  Thanks @cnk, I had a vision and this was some of it.

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