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    @NickChrissis it would be nice, but, based on comments made by FXHOME CEO Josh Davies in this livestream from yesterday:

    I find it unlikely it would ever happen. FXHOME is still a small company with a small dev team for Hitfilm, and Josh discussed how under 10% of Pro users and under 1% of Express users do heavy 3D work in Hitfilm.

    That said, there is a renewed focus on getting Hitfilm to "play nice" with other programs, but I still doubt FBX export is something planned.

    You should look at "Filmer" at 

    @spydurhank (Frank) has been working hard on a custom version of Blender optimized for Hitfilm integration. He's also improved a lot of Blender code in general, so Filmer is rendering darn near an order of magnitude more efficiently than Blender 2.80 at this point. 

  • @DataDesign , You're awesome. :)

    @NickChrissis , For sure check out the live chat posted above by @Triem23 .

    Yeah full on 3D export for Hitfilm is a tough order, but man would it be cool. :)

    I have the start of an addon that will import a 3D Hitfilm Composite Shot into Filmer/Blender, again it is very early stage but things are looking good so far. :) 

  •  I dont do blender....fbx data would be just helpful in general for other 3d  software like Maya and other industry software that I use.  

  • I'd be surprised if FXHome added FBX, since Autodesk is so closed about it. Something like USD or Alembic on the other hand would actually be sensible, and they're open AFAIK.


  • I would love to see "smooth slow motion" from HitFilm,  where frames are actually created and inserted between existing frames.  Once you've used Premiere Pro's "Optical Flow" it's not possible to be happy with the jerky slow motion you get by repeating frames. Something new comes alive when the slow motion is as smooth as glass.

  • Would really like to see h265 support for quick edit of iPhone/GoPro Clips. Why not a paid extension like Magix is doing for a 5$? At least import would be sufficient .

    GPU decoding on Mac OSX would also a great feature!

    And the ability to execute a script/app after export so I can easily optimize Workflows (eg export in best quality and then run a script to automatically create versions for FB, YT, ... ) 

  • @Neptunos

    I believe Mac hardware encoding is already on it’s way, it is just something that takes a bit of time for each hardware and OS combination... It took them a few months to add AMD support, there’s already Intel and NVIDIA on Windows, so next stop should be Mac.

    h.265 is something that they actually started teasing last year, but there appears to be 2 major barriers to entry... The high price, which could be overcome with the right deal/payed add on for Express, and the fact that it likely wouldn’t perform well in HitFilm. The simple truth is that you might end up wanting to transcode your footage anyway to get the best performance in the software. But admittedly it would help to simply use the original version on the timeline. 

    As for your last point, HitFilm doesn’t currently export in any online-optimized formats. The easiest solution I’ve found is to bring the exported clip into Handbrake, have it keep all the original settings, and then click the Web-optimized checkbox. It goes pretty fast, and then you have a much smaller file that YouTube will love. (PS. I have to give a shoutout to MotionEpic for this one, he’s the one that discovered it)

  • @triforcefx that‘s exactly why I would like to trigger a script. After export I can execute eg ffmpeg to transcode to web optimized formats. Just start Export in HF, go out for dinner and everything is finished when you come back :-)

    h265 main use case would be the quick and dirty edit jobs.  Instead using iMovie...

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    I would love to see support for Grassvalley/Canopus lossless for  importing and exporting AVI and/or MOV files :-)

    For Windows users the options for file formats with lossless compression during export are not that overwhelming, especially if you're working with lower resolutions
    Cineform really does introduce a lot of compression artifacts, even at higher settings.

    Second: Please add a better preset handling from inside the effect. Some effects don't have their own preset menu, like e.g, Denoiser, Degrainer, etc.. 

  • Grade layers on the Editor Timeline.

  • Oh..I forgot to say: Please please please add fullscreen preview inside the program without the need having to buy a second monitor. Some people simply do not have the necessary space  for a second monitor

  •  +1 that ~ key like in adobe software for fullscreen 

  • +100 for some sort of Marker so I can know where things are in my timelines. Trying to edit something right now and it would be really convenient to have something indicating "this is a place something interesting happened that I want to highlight".  I don't see an easy way to do that right now.  I've seen several "markers are coming" hints, but ... no actual markers that I can see. Using HF 14 right now.

  • @paschott +2000 on that markers request...have the ability to do it when the video is playing 

  •  Yes Yes!!  grade layer in editor and markers.

  • Perhaps this has already been discussed to death, but I think it would be helpful to at least have it as an option... in the Editor timeline (but not for compositing), it would be nice if videos (and maybe photos too) scaled to fit the frame when added to the timeline. This would make it much easier to work with videos of varying resolutions on the editor timeline. If the aspect ratio of the footage doesn't match the timeline (for instance, a 4:3 video on a 16:9 project) then it would be nice to be able to switch between automatically scaling to fit and leaving blank areas on side, or scaling to fill the screen but crop the video. 

    The easiest implementation I can think of would be a drop-down box in the interface (settings would make it difficult to switch during a project)

     Auto Scaling:

    • None
    • Crop
    • Fit

    Crop and fit would be nearly identical in results when the same aspect ratio is used. 

  • @triforcefx this is something we will discuss some more internally, but I did attempt to implement this before deciding it would most likely cause more issues than not. We already have a lot of tickets related to users forgetting about an option they set or a dialog they hid, and we would more than likely receive countless more asking why all their footage was suddenly "scaled up" or "low quality" (from upscaling). I think its a useful feature but would need more thought our end to design an easy to use implementation.

  • @TheBenNorris Good to know this is something you guys are considering. Perhaps the default option should be “None” then?

    I do see how it has the potential to introduce issues like the Viewer Quality menu did when it was first introduced and started defaulting low spec systems to not show any effects.

    On the flip side, it seems like we regularly have people coming from other NLE software that does conform videos to the project size, and they’re annoyed at the fact that the process requires extra steps in HitFilm. 

    For certain applications, such as slide shows, and anything where you’re mixing media from multiple sources, it would be a massive time saver.

    It may also be helpful to have a “reset scale” option in the right-click menu for a clip with the rest of the Transform options. For those times where I have scaling automatically set, but then I add a logo and it’s way too big

  • @triforcefx I'll keep these ideas in mind for the next time I revisit the story, may have to test a few things if we do get back round to it, thanks for the input!

  • @triforcefx in AE there's a features  that allows you crop the work area... it's a huge Lifesaver especially when you have accidentally made your workspace too big 

  • "On the flip side, it seems like we regularly have people coming from other NLE software that does conform videos to the project size, and they’re annoyed at the fact that the process requires extra steps in HitFilm. "

    Ding. Ding.

    "For certain applications, such as slide shows, and anything where you’re mixing media from multiple sources, it would be a massive time saver."

    Ding. Ding. Ding. Ding. Ding. Ding.

    Even with, still don't think Hitfilm would be a good choice for slideshows.

    "We already have a lot of tickets related to users forgetting about an option they set or a dialog they hid, and we would more than likely receive countless more asking why all their footage was suddenly "scaled up" or "low quality" (from upscaling). "

    To use a herding animal metaphor. You can't let the weak of the herd hold the whole herd back. Helping them keep up is okay and noble. At some point a user has to take responsibility for their actions.

  • We need a collect folder for all the media assets....all adobe softwares have this option.  It's so needed for file management and it's useful when you are sending the files to another person

  • Please update the Text fonts format support open type(.otf)

    My studio use open source and is strict on open type fonts  Current vision not good for that.

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    Or, to slightly disagree with @Andersen01498, something like Vegas Pro's "Archive" option where you create a new folder and save the project file to it and all project media is copied to the archive folder... With an option to "transcode." In Vegas's case, instead of copying the media files it writes new media files... of only the parts of the clips actually used (with optional additional handles). That's way cooler than Adobe's mere collection folders. 

  • @001comic .otf files are already supported in HitFilm. Does your font not show up in HitFilm? Are you using the Viewer text tool or the text effect?

    If you have a file that doesn't import then please contact support, sending your font file and we can have a look at it.

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    @CedricBonnier ".otf files are already supported in HitFilm."

    That could be an accurate statement. From a certain point of view. My experience, OTF (CFF) are not supported by the various text effects in Hitfilm. (Text, credit roll, sci-fi scroll, 360 text?) Mostly, they do not show in the font enumerator list.  The font enumeration support is one issue those text effects have. Some fonts show in the list but the font is not used. Forgive me if I have not tested every problem font, that does not work, to see what the contents are. otf/ttf. It OTF, is it CFF or TTF font glyphs. I just know there is a problem. Well, problems.

    edit: Here is a new one. I just played with this and I can get the text effect into a state where even Arial does not take effect. Nothing fancy here. I was just selecting subsequent fonts in the list to see what choked and what worked. I then noticed that some that should have worked did not. I went back up to the A's and selected Arial. No dice. As I said...PROBLEMS. FWIW I have 412 font files currently installed. Not many. I use a font manager (Font Expert 2019) to install/uninstall fonts to keep that font list short.

    I reported all this back when the Text effect first showed up in Hitfilm 6. November 2017 was when I submitted the support ticket.  In that ticket I provided a sample of 39 font files. All purchased from MyFonts. Even ITC and Adobe authored fonts. The point is these are not oddball fonts you can find and DL online. All authored by type foundries.

    I suspect the text effect is using the same underlying enumerator and raster engine as the older credit scroll effects. I had no use for those otherwise I likely would/could have reported this even earlier. My report at the time was specific to the "text" effect, which was new at the time.

    I have dozens of font files that do not work in the various text effects. For some time (Hitfilm versions) these fonts have worked in the text layer. Goes with saying that these also work in other apps. They also work in effects from Boris and NewBlue.

  • Would love it if we add an option to turn on a grid over the image, with various guides. For me, the most used would be a 3x3 with a center crosshair. I am constantly having to align something to the center by either creating some kind of crosshair image or adding a camera in a comp. If you click center in frame that helps, but it doesn't work properly for say, text with the anchor point at the bottom, or an image where you want to center a specific feature that is not in the center of the image. and the 3x3 would definitely help with recomposing shots and creativity.

    Also, I would love to see an update that specifically integrates with some low end control decks/shuttle wheels.

    Thanks, God bless! - Winter!

    PS I know a lot of our requests are the equivalent to when someone asks us for video work and really doesn't understand the magnitude of what they're asking. Thanks Devs for all your hard work!

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    @HillsideMedia there's a dedicated Layout Panel to help with alignment, and the Grid effect is your friend here. Create a grade layer and set its blend mode to ADD (or other) and you can create your own grid-guide. 

    Right-click a grid effect you've created and you can save it as a preset to your effects list for drag and drop - and there may already be title safe and 3x3 presets built into the Grid effect already!

  •  @Triem23 I will have to disagree on your point....Yes there is a grid and stuff but After Effects has the title safe pre built into it.    You want things quick not adding an effect that you will later be getting rid of.  

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