THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



  • I'm pretty sure it has already been said but adding in a Roto Brush would be real useful and handy to have.

  • It would be nice to have "Export" default to the Timeline Contents. Also Multi-Camera Editing would be great. Awesome new update though! Love the audio meters on the side!

  • It would be really nice to view more than one comp at a time in multiple viewers so when you edit one comp you see the changes in another.

  •  +1 on multiple views

  • @TekGecko and @Anderson01498 - Drag any comp timeline into a new interface container, and you can view multiple timelines at once. click whichever timeline you want, and it will be displayed in the Viewer. 

    Also, you can use the Pin icon in the controls panel to pin specific controls into that panel. Pin the controls for a comp layer, for example, then you can view the editor on the Viewer while adjusting controls for the comp.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @AxelWilkinson um, what? Is... Is this relatively new functionality, or have we been overlooking this for YEARS. @FilmSensei read Axel's comment above this, then pick your jaw up from the floor, because you look as dumb as I did with that gape of disbelief! 😮

  •  @AxelWilkinson I was wanting multiple viewer tabs not multiple timelines

  • @Triem23 @AxelWilkinson So you can still only see one Viewer at a time, but you have quick access to both timelines. I'm not quite following how to pin the controls for a comp.

  • @FilmSensei in the controls panel, once you have something selected (ie, a plane). A small pin icon appears to the left of the "Display Timeline" button.

  •  @Triem23 @FilmSensei I'm just as surprised as you are-- assuming we are all on the same page. If someone could post a screenshot of their result then that'd help tremendously!

  • @TheBenNorris I click on the pin icon and nothing seems to be changed. When I change the focus of the viewer window (i.e. I click on the Editor timeline or another Comp Shot) the focus of the Controls panel changes also. Do I need to drag the pin somewhere, or do I need to do something else?

  • @FilmSensei I'm confused, I'm not seeing this problem. When I have something in the controls panel and I click the pin icon that item remains open in the controls panel until I click the pin again. I'll play with it a bit to see if I can break it.

  • @FilmSensei ah, I have managed to break it. Shouldn't be breaking this way, I will raise it as a bug.

  • @TheBenNorris Haha! Thank goodness... here I thought I was going crazy! Whew, for once it's not me! :)

  • @AxelWilkinson  I was also wanting multiple viewers rather than timelines.

  •  Yep that's what I'm wanting too. After effects has that function...

  • @TekGecho @Andersen01498 this seems to be something that seems to come up quite a lot, but is a bigger task than it first appears. I'll bring this up with the rest of the team at the next meeting.

  •  Not to be rude...please dont take this the wrong  way.  But has the Fx home  staff used after effects ever?  If so maybe you all could get a better understanding where these requests are coming from and how they function to speed up people's workflow.

  • @Andersen01498 Yes, we do. It is important to consider the substantial difference in numbers of Adobe developers versus FXhome developers. We, as has no doubt been mentioned before on the forum, often have to prioritize certain features over others to ensure there is plenty of fresh content in new updates. As I said just now, this is quite a big task, and I will bring it up with the rest of the team, although we do already have many new improvements and features lined up for future releases.

  • This is a bit of an extreme wish, but i think it would make Hitfilm THE ultimate tool for everybody, and that is a Ray-Traced or Path-Traced 3D render engine. As an editor and compositor with a small youtube channel, sometimes i require basic 3d animation (basic keyframing for text, lighting, camera movement, etc.). However, i always have to be clever with the lighting, turning everything on, shadows, reflections, AO, environment maps, making sure i've put every single map in the model, (not to mention every post processing effect in the world + color grading). only for it to look "decent", but still failing to reach photorealism.

    I would LOVE that Hitfilm included an engine like that, as well as some illumination models other than Phong or Cook-Torrance. As i said before, i don't really need lots of controls over the mesh, advanced deformation, rigging or animation tools. Hitfilm is not a 3D modelling software anyway, i just wish i could throw directly a model with it's animation into Hitfilm, instead of a PNG or EXR sequence rendered in other software. It would save my time and it would also accomplish the ultimate goal of Hitfilm of being the only package to be used in the users workflow.

    I know FXHome is not the biggest company in the world, and i am asking for something extremely difficult to implement, but having that feature would certainly make Hitfilm the best Editing and VFX program out there without any possible kind of discussion. Hope that some day in the future i can see my wish granted.

    I will renew my license anyway, lol.

  • That IS a tall order... but whether or not FXHome can afford to dedicating the developing effort to integrating a 3D renderer into HitFilm, we have access to an excellent renderer called Cycles in Blender... :)

    I agree though, having a full fledged 3D renderer in HitFilm would be pretty nice. Especially if it's one like Cycles or IRay that is very feature rich and GPU accelerated... :)


  • If only someone had already done all of the 3D engine Ray and path tracing stuff for Hitfilm... oh wait. :)

    Here is a custom coded version of Blender named Filmer built specifically to export all 3D data into Hitfilm. Also renders 2 X faster and higher than regular Blender Cycles. 

    Also have a universal compositing trick that simplistically combines every 2D fine art drawing and painting technique with every 3D compositing software, in this case I designed it for easy use in Hitfilm to get fast realistic results. :)

  • I do have a bit experience in Blender, however, i only use it in those scenarios i said, like an Intro or a complex CG shot, so i am a bit disoriented and sometimes i forget to turn stuff on or off.

    Plus, let´s take in account that Blender is a Swiss Army knife  when it comes to CG and multimedia in general. I don't need its motion tracker, simulations,  sculpting and modelling features, rigging or animation techniques, just to name a few.

    Oh, you made me remember. I'll also add 2 things for the wishlist: More optimization for high end hardware and porting the "long shadow" effect from Imerge Pro. That's all i could ever wish for Hitfilm. 

  • @Spydurhank Thanks a lot! i will check it out!


  • Seconded! That does look cool :)


  • Thanks @LordJosueacute and @WhitCranePhoto . :)

    Don't judge the video clips on the homepage as they are old and were still in the "Previz" phase.

    All the realistic lighting and compositing stuff with short tutorials is on the way pretty soon. The basic function or end result is that I can have the same 3D scene synced and open in both programs which allows me to mix and combine renders and effects from either program. 

    In Filmer, I normally build a 3D scene and animate it, then render out a single beauty pass or all render passes for compositing in Hitfilm.

    Most times though, I only need a Shadow pass and a pseudo Self Reflection pass. After rendering is complete, I can export the entire 3D scene over to Hitfilm Pro where I can re-light, re-texture, and further tweak materials for the imported 3D scene and render passes in real time.  Pretty cool stuff. :)


    Just Frank

  •  Thanks @TheBenNorris ! I can imagine it's not at all simple :)

  • I've got two wishlist items:
    1) Give the option to auto-name an "editor" export as the project name. This includes the default 'untitled project' if the project hasn't been saved.

    2) Support for .ogg audio files. My projects tend to use hundreds of these and it's a pain to convert them all to .mp3 (even in bulk) before I can use them.

  • +1 for project name as default for export of the editor NLE timeline. In a very real sense, this *is* the 'name' of the editor/nle timeline.

  • I would like to expand on the export .fbx feature to include not only camera but also 3d models and their animation in 3d space. 

    I do a lot of previz/animatic style work and it would be great if besides an animatic I could hand a client an .fbx of my composite shots so they can use it as a base for their final renders. If i need to do this now I have to use fusion, storyboard pro or a full 3d app all of which are a lot less flexible and fast for my needs.

    I also think this would be helpfull to you blender users above as if i'm not mistaken the pipeline now only goes 1 way and I would imagine that there are scenarios where you might want go back and forth. Or even start your 3d shot in hitfilm, which is what i would prefer.

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