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  • I could add it to my exporters if you want.

    Are you talking about an .obj animation sequence? Where the 3D object is exported once for each frame in a different pose that represents your animation in a 3D app?

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    "obj animation sequence"


  • Ah okay, no worries, I'll add that into my .obj exporter for you after the holidays if that is cool.  :)

    Just so everyone know beforehand, my export tricks and compositing hacks work in any compositing software, how do I know? I just do. :) 

    Anyway, Greg's suggestion will make it so we can do it with E3D as well. Just went over to the VC site to make sure I understood what you were talking about @GrayMotion … yup it'll work. :) 

    I can't test it myself as I don't own a copy of E3D so you're gonna have to be the lab rat @GrayMotion

  • Wow Frank! Yes indeed that is COOL and I'll gladly be the lab rat for it! Can't say thanks enough dude. Your work on Filmer is outstanding and IMHO thinking outside the box big time! 👍👍

    I like your thinking too. Since Element and Trapcode can now be added to Hitfilm's arsenal it's a natural progression (I think). There is bound to be more than one of me watching tutorials on Element or Trapcode and not being able to do it ALL (or darn close to it).

    I'll tell you one thing if the FXHome team can get Element 100% working in Hitfilm Pro they are bound to see a big influx in new Pro users and with Filmer sitting in the arsenal as well those users will (or should be) ecstatic about Hifilms power. Watch out AE.

  • Yeah dude. I agree and thanks. :)

    Being able to mix all these different things "software/exports/render passes/comp techniques" together is really the only logical way to go because the 3D compositing software that can do it all, and at the speed I would like does not exist... yet. :)

    Unless someone out there... I dunno who... is thinking about or has imagined and maybe has a great idea to write an entirely new 3D render engine that can just do what ever I imagine and do it fast... I wonder who? :)

  • @spydurhank ; If you build it, they will come...  :)

  • Hey Greg @GrayMotion , working Element 3D OBJ animation exporter. :)

    I'll upload it asap for you but may not be till after new years.

    As you know, I don't own a copy of E3D so you're the "Test Pilot", but it does work.  :) 

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    👍 Right on Frank!

    Take your time bud. Take your time. Enjoy life, family, Christmas,  New Years...and he-double-tooth-picks even your Birthday. Un like JG Wentworth I'm a patient man :-)

  • Thanks Greg.

    The art and cgi is easy cake for me but getting good paying vfx gigs and or building custom 3D objects contracts are far between.

    This year I actually didn't accept any contracts till the day after my birthday. I've gotta kinda take the jobs where and when I can get them though.

    When I first started building custom 3D objects, I was making okay-ish money. a bit over $1,800.00 or $32.00 per hour, per 3D object with a several months deadline so plenty of time to complete.

    Two years later it went down to around $650.00 per object or $8.00 an hour, by then I could build anything in about two weeks.

    In 2019 I can build a one million + 3D object in roughly 3 days but I'm pretty confident that I could do it in one day. It sucks but the pay is now below minimum wage at around $6.25an hour. Boo. :(

    It seems the only way to make a little money is to take the cheap jobs and just do them as fast as I can so it at least seems like I'm making some kind of money. 

    I don't see the low payment gig offers as a negative though because in the long run, they are paying gigs duh, and having to build, uv unwrap, texture, add materials, and rig a 3D object with animation groups in a very short time is just making me faster and faster. It is like a challenge and I'm like... yeah, I can do that, no problem. :)

     So by doing fast turnaround jobs, I get to gain a ton of experience in a very short time and that really raises good feelings inside when I can do something faster than I could before. To me it is very cool and I just love being able to do what I do. :) 

    Here is to higher pay in 2020. :) 

  • Forgive the 8bit jpeg compression, it dulled all of the light sources and environment map and kinda turned the smudges on the Solar foils into more of a smear, but aside from that, this came out pretty nasty. :)

    How to comp realistically in Hitfilm, coming soon... well maybe not entirely realistically because I do tend to stylize my renders a bit. Fake path tracing in Hitfilm... hmm, yummy. :)

  • Dude! That's sick! That is a Hitfilm output image?

  • Yes sir, I did carry over a black and white "self reflection pass" from Filmer but everything else is done with the Hitfilm Native pbr material shader. Trust me dude, this Fake Path tracing trick is insane. I can get it to mimic just about any Blender material/shader that I've tried so far. It just works. I used and tweaked the aluminum and copper shaders in Hitfilm, so nothing extremely extravagant. The rest is custom Hitfilm AOVs. :)

    Can't wait to fully show it to you guys. :)

  • Maargh, forgot to post this one without the Filmer self reflection pass.

  • Just playing around with an animation. Same as before, one beauty pass to catch self reflections.

    The last pic shows the Comp Shot without the Filmer self reflection pass. It looks so, so because I haven't set up the fake path tracing yet but this is just playing around. :)

    I used the Filmer self reflection pass twice in my timeline. Once for reflections and once more to get that burnt and oxidized look.

  • @spydurhank ; That's some wicked looking stuff!

  • @spydurhank ; Looks fantastic to me either way!  

  • Thanks Terry @tddavis ,

    These are raw Material/Shader renders from Filmer's Cycles render engine, so there is no compositing and the scene hasn't been exported to be pimped out in Hitfilm yet but it will be awesome when I get to it. :)

    Check out that Bokeh on the defocused planet's night side lights. :)

  • @spydurhank ; Yes!  Very nice!  I have never seemed to get the DOF to look like THAT!

  • Thanks guys.

    Playing with my X-wing model and tasty materials in Hitfilm before creating a real scene in Filmer and comping it all together. Experimenting with Shaders and colors for now. :)

  • So something flipped a switch in my brain or something. :)

    So through much self reflection and healthier living, I've been able to recover a bit from head injuries and other trauma received as a child that affected large portions of my memory. I still smoke cigarettes' but that will be the next thing to go. :) 

    Doctors said everything was being filtered through the left side of my scrambled brain and that is why my thoughts were scattered and why simple words would fail me. Probably why I sometimes can't tell between a Joke, Sarcasm or aggression. It is really weird, as if a was a totally different person all these years and like I just woke up from a long sleep or something, maybe more like the worlds longest nap. Feels really good to be free of my own negative BS. Really good. :)

    Anyway, just wanted to thank everyone that has ever been patient with me, understanding, and has ever helped me learn how to vfx-cgi and basically paint portraits in 3D. :)

    Also wanted to say or ask as a joke,

    What is the worst thing you can forget if you have a photographic memory after a bad bump on the head? Heh... your memory silly. Between midnight and 4:00 am memories come flooding back and I see right away that I was a much kinder child. :) 

    So expect some awesome art not inspired by negative trauma. No more negative stuff from... ever. :)

    Just Frank.

  • @spydurhank Good for you. I for one will tell you that I consider it an honor to call you a friend.

    PS: Good luck on quitting smoking. I have never been a smoker, but I have seen plenty of people beat it. It's not easy, but it's definitely worth it!

  • Frank, brain trauma can do odd things and flip switches years - if not decades - later, but, honestly, if you hadn't brought it up, I never would have known you had suffered such injuries. You're kicking ass and taking names (also, in text only, NO ONE can always identify sarcasm/aggression, etc)

    If your art helps you, continue. As it is, the HF community is lucky to have you. 

    I seem to be quitting smoking on this Ireland trip. Wasn't planned, but getting hospitalized while vomiting blood, and the following week of norovirus/feverish misery... Well, the nicotine is out of my system, the withdrawals got masked by the illness, and now it's as simple as just not smoking. 

    Laura (who did ask if this was fair of her to do) asked me to hold her clove tonight as she ran up to the hotel room to grab her sweatshirt. I did. No particular desire to hit the clove, so the clove occupied my left hand as my right... Well, dealt with a forum thread here... The second user this month who wants particles exploding from above a keyboard. Must be some viral video I missed everyone wants to emulate?

    Anyways, point being I think I just kicked a 22 year smoking habit. Yay me? 

  • @Triem23 Yay you for sure! Yay for both of you!

  • @spydurhank ; Hoping for the best on the quitting thing, and I always thought all the best art comes from a place of pain anyway.  Ditto to the nuances of emotion and expression in text being absolutely impossible to decipher.

    @Triem23 Congrats to you...and Jesus, you've had a particularly bad year for health and emotional well-being.

  • @tddavis unfortunately I've had worse years in both regards. Still here, right? 

  • Watching season 1 episode 13 of Star Trek Voyager on Netflix, what a mind trip. Tuvok and Neelix or Tuvix are funny. Janeway is a Hustler. :)

    @FilmSensei, no one could ever forget you and I also consider you a friend. Now that I think of it, I've never had artistic friends to talk about art. This place is a blessing. :)

    @Triem23 , I feel you Mike. My oldest sister Patricia passed this August. She was very special to me. My dad put me in a school when I was a little tyke where I absorbed books but although not a teacher, My sister Pat home schooled me till I entered pre-k so we spent a lot of time together with her teaching mathematics, geometry, reading and writing, cursive. Oh I used to love Cursive, very pretty artful form of hand writing. She and my mom were the first to notice and encourage art and music in me. Pat is the one that introduced me to Star Trek in 1973 by the way and Dr. Who via PBS. :) She sat me on her lap so I wouldn't wander off and we watched the Pilot episode with Spock and Captain Pike. I'm gonna miss that lady. She missed her calling as a teacher. 

    But yes, it was like there is an IT guy in my head and he asked... "Have you tried turning it on and off?" so very much like someone flipping a switch. :) Excellent job on quitting smoking Mike. :)

    Thanks Terry @tddavis , Oh man, episode 14 is pretty good too. :)

    I've really got to get control of my imagination. I visualize words as people speak or as I read them. You say the word fish and I picture a fish. So having a conversation with me is either really funny from my perspective or really odd, like not having enough pieces to complete a puzzle. That is why it is easy for me to come to the forums and be inspired with a few words in a comment, response, or question. :)


  • Gotta be careful pulling up this thread. I could go through keyboards quite quickly if I don't take precautions to control the drool. Sooooo much juicy stuff in here. :bow:

    I'm planning on relearning Blender (after not touching it for about 19 years), and some of what you're doing with Filmer could come in handy. I'll definitely ping you if/when questions arise, Frank.

    Like @Triem23, I would never have known about your head injuries if you hadn't mentioned it. Ditto to everything he said. Keep doing what you're doing, 'cause it's pure awesomeness.


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