Film Sensei's Stuff: Super Easy INK Drop Effect in HitFilm Express! (August 7, 2020)



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    Looking forward to Sunday.

    Jay, is the feedback and comments at the end of your course the same as a testimonial or is there another place to do that?

    ...also it suggests there are 6 reviews but I can only see the one. I know mine needs a day to clear but how can I see the other 5?

  • @DafterThings There are 6 total reviews, but only one with a comment (@tddavis). The other five are just how many stars the user gave the course.

    When you are in the course, you can leave a rating by clicking on "Leave a Rating" which is in the upper right hand area next to "Your Progress." Also, you can SHARE the course as well!

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  • @FilmSensei ;

    Thank you so much for your simple (if a little hacky) solutions to pulling off effects that should have been in HitFilm from day one!

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    Gotta give it to ya, Jay. I can think of several other ways to do this type of timer, but I never would have come up with the elegance of the Stutter effect!

  • @triforcefx @Triem23 Thanks you!

    I have to admit, I would have never thought of it had I not read @AxelWilkinson's HitFilm user guide literally from beginning to end. I did this, of course, to create my Udemy master class, the Absolute "Beginner's Course to HitFilm."

    When I got to the Stutter Effect, the user guide states, "Reduces the number of frames used during playback of the layer, creating the impression of the video momentarily freezing." I started wondering if this would freeze keyframe animation as well as freezing a frame of video. So in typical Jay Haynes fashion, I abandoned the course and started playing around with the effect. (Then I wondered why it took 8 months to get the course built!) Sure enough, the Stutter effect did what I hoped for, and the idea was born.

    The only problem (that I did not mention in the tutorial) is that the number of frames it freezes is capped at a maximum of 100. So if I wanted to do a 60 second timer, this technique wouldn't work for one of the numbers. The reason is because say at 24 FPS the Ten's number would change every 240 frames (10 seconds x 24 frames per second). The Stutter effect won't freeze for that long, so either the FPS has to be lowered or you have to resort back to Constant Keyframes.

  • Drop FPS, OR Speed effect! 

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  • I will be out of contact for the next week. I look forward to seeing everyone when I return!

  • I like the audio setup J! Have a good week. Have a  Happy Turkey WEEK!!

  • Looking forward to "LIVE With Sensei Season Two"!

  • @FilmSensei ; Me three :)  I have never been one to watch live streams before but I find my self looking forward to yours a lot.  Until your channel started I'd watched maybe half of two and then after you did the first one I watched one of Coast to Coast's.

  • I too rather personally enjoy it. The one place as an artist in general, that I am allowed to actually complete a thought and express an idea before being cut off by someone that simply doesn't speak my language which is art.


  • I am glad you guys enjoy the live streams. I actually patterned them after how Bill does his on Coast to Coast Drones. It's very laid back, like a group of guys getting together and just shooting the breeze while unwinding after work.

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    All we need is the beer!

    Yep, I enjoy participating a lot more than I thought would because it is so laid back.  You've done a great job with these Jay.

  • Yes absolutely job well done Jay. :) 

  • Thanks guys. I've got some great shows coming up! I can't wait to get them going. :)

  • Sorry to bug, but I forgot, what day is the first stream of season two?

  • @FlamingThunderTV

    Live with Sensei: S2 E1 is this Saturday, December 7, 2019 at Noon PST, 3:00pm EST, 8:00 GMT. Here is a link so you can set a reminder. Thanks for asking!

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  • Very nice Jay. :)

  • @FilmSensei ; Love the detail of the bump you got going on.  Watching it now split screen :)

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    I may have to look at the Orb plug-in. It has some nice additional features over Sphere. Well many "normal" 3D model texture features.

    Lastly, Sphere has been broken(?) since Hitfilm 6 (if the camera rotates, circumstance dependent).

  • @NormanPCN It's a free plug-in, so you might as well at least throw it in the tool box! You never know what you might need it for.

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