[ANSWERED] Cannot install After Effects plugins in trial version of hf14?

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I am unable to get after effects plugins to install in hitfilm version 14 trial.

is this an intentional limitation of the trial version?

I am specifically interested in how well hf runs the video copilot plugins. if it is, can anyone post some vids on performance of vcorb?



  • TheBenNorrisTheBenNorris Staff
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    @jinchoung ;third party plugins can only be added in a fully activated version of HitFilm Pro.

  • thanks for confirming.

    that's unfortunate. you guys might want to revisit that policy. folks like me are interested in this aspect of hitfilm and it's annoying for all parties to purchase to try it and then ask for a refund if it's not suitable.

    especially since all renders are watermarked, i don't see why enabling it would hurt anyone.

  • I think I would agree with this. Allowing external third party plugins to be detected and used.

    I understand why the internal third party plugins like Boris, Mocha and Foundry may not be active in trial mode. Probably to avoid a royalty fee during trial mode.

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