Spaceship effect

I decided to do a sorta one-day challenge scene. I gave myself one day to design, create, and finalize a scene. I looked through some AE tuts for inspiration. I didn't actually use the tutorials, I just have trouble coming up with ideas, so I looked through some ae tutorials to find something cool. This is the final result! I'm quite proud of it considering it took me about 2 hours in total. There are some things that could use some work, but I promised myself I'd call it done at 8:00. Everything was created using imagery from online, no 3d models of any kind were used. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!!!


  •  FYI, the way your Google Drive is set up I'm having to ask permission before I can access the file.


  • Apologies, it's a school account, so the default for the sharing link was people in our school system. It is now fixed, everyone has access to it.

  •  Looks good! I like the push through the window. I think this is right up @Graymotion's alley....

  •  Agreed.  Someone needs to get out and clean those windows!  Very nice.

  • I like it, makes my recent effort look a bit simple.


  • Looks great 👍. I know the AE tut you got the idea from to as I actually made something very similar excepted I reversed the camera move from outside to inside, mask out the window and made my own dirty windows :-) 

    Great job sir!

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