I have issue, after exporting my video is blurry every few sec

My source video is perfect quality, but after edit with HitFilm and export it every few frames becomes blurry like this:


after few frames is again nice quality:



I did same thing , edited many videos before like year or so, never had such issue. I guess with older HitFilm versions. Now im using latest. Its set to YouTube 1080P HD 60fps. I tried to export it 3 times, last time changed preset YouTube 1080P HD to be with Constant Bitrate 30.000 Mbps all other on default. But nothing, its the same.

Didnt upload it to youtube yet so cant show the video. But every second is dropping quality like on the screenshot. Any ideas what can cause this? All im doing is just to put music on my video and add fade to video and music. 



  • Did you transcode to constant frame rate before editing?  Posting the MediaInfo output of one of your source files would also help us to see what may be the issue.

  • Also note, there is a discussion topic at the top of the forum page about working with game footage.  And I would recommend reviewing Triem23's video on transcoding, codecs and using MediaInfo here: https://youtu.be/Yqhl0mRuTng


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     Switch it back to variable bitrate... you almost never want to use constant. Then up the bitrate to 40 or 50. See if that helps

  • "Switch it back to variable frame rate... you almost never want to use constant. "

    I think you meant to say variable bitrate.

    You never want variable frame rate, ever. For encoding you basically always want variable bitrate for things like AVC.  With the Mainconcept AVC encoder used by Hitfilm, you really never want to use constant bitrate. The constant bitrate in that encoder sucks for quality.

  • @NormanPCN Yup. My fingers must have gone to autopilot. Fixed now.

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