Sequel to Mrs Mitty

Continuing with the movie parodies. This one is a Raiders of the Lost Ark snippet. No sound as yet, and the must wait for the movie


  • Oh very good, love the mussel bounces, please tell me she does the same.

  • Very good. I like all the variations on the juggling. Maybe a bit long (?) but that's likely because of the lack of sound.

  • @WedgeOz ; Funny even without sound.  Like the old slapstick of silent movies... :)

  •  Actually just complement you on the 3d set integration. Very nice.

  • Thanks guys. And yes.....this gag probably does run too long. May yet edit that later. I must admit, this particular fantasy of Mrs Mitty is the shortest one, so perhaps I was subconsciously trying to make it As for the CGI set, yes......purchased it online for $20. Saves me building a real one or looking for a suitable location...haha. Certainly saves me a LOT of time...and as this is supposed to be a “fantasy”, I can afford it not to look genuinely real :). I only wish my carport was bigger so as to make all the blue screen stuff “grander”, as my actress is limited as to how far she can run in these scenes.


    The final trailer to my latest movie (courtesy of iMovie). Hopefully shall release it six weeks from today :)

  • Looking forward to this. I loved the last one.

    No comments on the video? Because of COPPA 'Made for Kids' or by choice???

  • Hmmmmm, I'm not too sure if it is a COPPA thing. Haven't really investigated the pros and cons of it all yet :) I changed it if you wanted to leave a comment, perhaps try now. Hope it'll work!

  • @WedgeOz Very cool and funny.

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