Random crashes

windows 10

AMD ryzen 2700x

RTX 570

16gb ram

just crashes randomly, more often when using 4k footage.

once it crashes  it looses track of all footage loaded in


  • Why does Hit film crash when exporting. I have a project I cannot export. Every time I go to export, Hit film crashes. Other projects are OK. Is there a way I can determine why the project does not export? Any help would be cool!

  • Are you using any third-party plugins?

  • We would love to help you out, please can you supply us with more specs of the machine you are using.

    Things like O/S, CPU, GPU and RAM will be handy.

    You are also welcome to send us in a support ticket if you want.

  • @steveturtle, what drives are you rendering it to? I had a issue but I changed a thing settings with the cache and also the drive I render to and it works now.

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