3D Navigation with Wacom/Tablet

Please Hitfilm! - can you check out the various Viewer navigation controls for the 3D views using a wacom tablet/digitiser? They simply don't work - the slightest movement of Dolly/Pan/Zoom/Rotate translates to some enormous distance.  These controls don't seem to be compatible with absolute pointing devices


  • Hi @AndyQ, HitFilm does not officially support pen tablets/displays. I personally use a Huion graphics tablet for modelling and graphics, so this is something I would like to look into more.

    It may be worth visiting the wishlist forum post and mentioning your interest in improved pen support, although I think it is something others have raised previously. Regardless, this is something I will bring up further with the rest of the team.

  • TheBenNorris Shall do, although the shortcuts for navigation work OK the visible controls themselves don't. I've managed to avoid having a mouse for 30 years  and am getting too old to learn new tricks.

    Fun fact for the kiddies: Digitiser pens have been around longer than the mouse (that's a "z" for Americans)

  • @AndyQ "Mouse?" You mean "Puck," fellow ol' timer! ;) 

  • Triem23 Ha! I'd forgotten about those, never used one but I think one came in the box with a Summagraphics tablet.  They were still absolute pointing devices though weren't they? Then there was the "light pen"....

  • Wow, I had a Suma hooked up to my Amiga to digitize into Imagine 3D.   How's that for the Way Back Machine?!

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