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I have a character that I animated in mixamo,but when I upload into HitFilm Pro and add the animation nothing happens. Has anyone else had this problem and what was your fix.


thank you 


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    There is no "fix". 

    Mixamo creates  a .FBX animation file. The animation file combined with an .FBX model  just works. However it  will not work with an .OBJ model

    Sometimes the .fbx file is not proper though. In that case you can use Autodesk FBX Converter to convert the .fbx to a standard file.

    What seems to be your problem?

  • So I should take a obj file and convert it to fbx and then upload to mixamo and animate and then save the animation and try it in hitfilm . 

    Is that correct? 

  • I have a Zurg character that uploaded to mixamo and added some animation , but when I try to load into hitfilm the character loads but the animation doesn’t work. 

  • You could but you don't have too. Mixamo takes .OBJ and .FBX

    You should be able to just convert the .OBJ to .FBX and then import the model into Hitfilm Pro. You can then take the animation .FBX from Mixamo and import it to Hitfilm and then drop it onto the models animation properties.

    Note: When you import an .FBX into Hitfilm there is also a  .FBX animation file imported by default. It's not used so you can delete it.  

  • I have tried just uploading the mixamo animation file but it still doesn’t work . Not sure what is going on. 

  • Is autodesk free and easy to use?

  • What converter do you recommend to convert from obj to fbx

  • @darthmark ; Most 3D software will let you export out in fbx format.  I recently used a trial of 3ds Max to convert some Star Trek models I found to fbx then imported them into Blender.  Hope this helps.

  • Will blender export ? 

  • Yes. Blender will export.

    I've been watching your questions on this and I think I saw you ask a question on one of my short YT videos so I thought I'd make an extended advanced tutorial on exactly the thing you are after. I focused on using a Mixamo model and animation but the workflow will work the same for other model from somewhere else.


    Note: If you have an .OBJ file that you are working with import it into Blender and export it as  a .FBX and then upload the .FBX to Mixamo. Make sure your model is in a t-prone position. Then proceed pick and rig the  animation of your choice to the model and then download the animation file only. Hitfilm CANNOT use Pack animation from Mixamo on a single model in Hitfilm. Using Pack animation would take several copies of the model to rig all the animation moves in a Pack.

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    I've had some good results (though not always) by doing the following:

    Starting with an obj file, import into miximo, export as fbx with skin.  This file will only be used as your animation file. (example: dance.fbx)

    With the same obj file, import into Autocad FBX Converter 2013, export as fbx 2013.  This file will only be used as your imported mesh. (example: model.fbx)


    Import model.fbx as a 3d model.

    Import dance.fbx as a 3d model animation.


    Add your 3d model into your timeline.  In its pulldowns, look for Models->model.fbx->Animations.  Drag and drop dance.fbx onto Animations.


    Hopefully that works for you.

     //  Edit--  I just watched Graymotion's tut and it looks like we do roughly the same thing //

  • Thanks for the video , I will let you know how it goes . I havent had the time yet to try it. 

  • I noticed you used a fbx model from mixamo , would this process work for the model I got from Sketchfab. It is a obj . 

  • You could try and and upload the .obj to Mixamo. If it's not a compatible model Mixamo will let you know.

    Another way would be to download the .dae file from Sketchfab then convert the .dae into an .fbx with Blender, then you can upload the .fbx to Mixamo.

    One thing though...Mixamo requires the model to be in a t-pose so the auto-rigger can rig the model properly. So if your model is not in a t-pose you have to put it in that configuration.

  • I tried several times to get my sketchfab model to work following your tutorial but I couldn’t get it to work.



  • You mind sharing the link to the sketchfab model  you are trying to use?

  • Sure ,  it is the only character model for Zurg 


    I am not at my computer but if you go to sketchfab and type in Zurg it is the only one that pops up.


  • Did you find the model? 

  • Although it is not documented anywhere Mixamo only supports humanoid figures.

    Just so you know there is no support for Mixamo anymore. Adobe bought it up and effectively killed the product. What you have access to with Mixamo now is it...love it or leave it. 

  • Ok thank you for checking it out . 

    I know I can bring the animation into Reallusion and it works so I guess I will have to go that route .


  • A few months later with HitFilm Pro 13...

    I've followed everyone's clear instructions but I cannot get the animation to work.

    I downloaded the model & animation fbx files. Processed the model thru Blender import/export, and imported the model & animation to HFP, but when I drag the animation fbx onto the model's Animation property in the composite, nothing happens.

    I also tried import/export of the FBX using the Autodesk converter.

    One difference I noticed compared to @GreyMotion's tutorial was that I don't get an fbm folder after the Blender export. That folder appears after I import the animation FBX into HFP, which seems a bit weird, but once it's there I can add the maps to the model. Also the folder is called (eg) animation_model.fbm, not model.fbm.

    I know it should work with HFP 13 because I've seen various examples. Any idea what could be holding me back?

    Thanks in advance



  • @pinthenet You probably already know, but I have a tutorial coming out on Friday morning at 6:00am EST on exactly this topic. If was guessing, you are probably using the model that you downloaded to create the textures folder. Instead, use the model that is part of the animation. Here are my steps...

    1. Choose the Character (Model)
    2. Download it as an FBX
    3. Add the animation
    4. Download the animation as an FBX
    5. Import the animation into Blender
    6. Export exactly what you imported without touching it, renaming it to a new file
    7. In HitFilm Pro, select "Import a Model" and bring up the original Character model.
    8. Immediately cancel that. You only need to do that to create the Texture Folder, i.e. the FMB folder.
    9. Select "Import as Model" again, this time choosing the Blender created animation FBX
    10. Assign the textures from the "FBM" folder to it
    11. Put it in a Composite Shot
    12. Drag the animation part of the FBX file into the Animation section of the model in the Comp

    You should be good to go. Let me know how it goes!

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    Says @FilmSensei ... "Here are my steps..."   👍👍


    EDIT: OK! the Peasant girl...  You're getting real good with matching the character , animation and tracked scene together!

  • Yaaay!! That worked now.

    Thanks for taking the time to ease my impatience @FilmSensei, yes I saw your notice about the tutorial on Friday, still looking forward to that. It was the various example clips that got me interested in the mixamo solution, but then I couldn't get it to work.


  • @pinthenet Sweet! I am glad it works now. Have fun fun fun! @Graymotion has promised a lesson on stitching together animations. I am not sure if he is talking about assembling clips like he does below or stitching animations together in one character.


    Thanks Greg for the compliment! :)

  • @pinthenet Here is my tutorial on how to do this...


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