[NEW RELEASE] HitFilm Pro 13.0

We know you’ve all been waiting patiently for the latest version, and we’re delighted to announce that HitFilm Pro 13.0 has officially landed...



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    Cool, Looks like a big one. 

    When will Express 13 be coming out?

     Will Express 13 be coming out soon? Also, Will E 13 be like 12, except for more add-ons?

  • New Mocha v6 and Foundary Camera Tracker, very nice thank you !

  •  No comment?🤐😉

  • Sorry I missed your comment @LiamMcM1. Express is just around the corner, it'll come with some cool new features and effects. More info will be coming soon :)

  • OliThompson, Sweet! thanks for the answer, although I did see the last Q&A and considered myself answered.

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