Vegas Pro 17 in a few days, if not tommorow!

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So, within 24 hours, the Vegas Pro 16 + 17 bundle is going to expire.

Some of you may just be waiting 17 to come out and make the purchase, although, I for one don't see the harm in having both versions.

So just heads-up for those who wanna grab both. Vegas has always been an amazing pair with Hitfilm, and since FXhome is now developing Vegas Post for them, I'd say, its gonna stay that way.


  • Whaaaaaat, you buy HF Pro and you get Vegas pro also? dammm bargin, if only this happened 6months ago lol

  • I'm gonna say that on another post ... VEGAS POST or better said : Vegas After and Vegas Image are the same as FX home products : Hitfilm pro and Imerge .

    Improved compatibility between these programs ? I hope so!

  • @IvanLobo Vegas Effects and Vegas Image are based on HitFilm Pro and Imerge Pro, but they are not the same products.

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