[ANSWERED] Foundry Tracked Camera comes in Upside Down

The 3D viewer appears inverted on the x, y axes.
Hello, I don't know if it is an error or when generating the track with "The foundry track" But the plans and objects always appear, with the axes inverted in the viewfind




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    This isn't a "bug" as such. With 3D camera trackers, whether Mocha, Foundry or others like Autodesk Matchmover, or Pfhoe understand the software is tracking planes or points in 2D space. Multiple features are tracked then compared to each other. The different relative movement of all the 2D features is combined, compared and used to extrapolate a rough 3D space. 

    However, the tracker only knows what its told (and the chances are most users are hitting "Track Features" and not actually giving the Tracker information like focal lengths or sensor size) about the camera to help. It doesn't know what's being tracked, relative sizes, etc. It Foundry's case it only sees points of contrast. 

    What this means is there are infinite mathematical solutions to a track, and the tracker just picks one and goes with it. 

    A tracker - any tracker - might throw out a scene at a strange scale. It might have the camera upside down or pointing the wrong way. In short, the track might require tuning by you as the editor. 

    The Foundry Tracker's manual discusses this - there's a section on how the Tracker links the camera (and all feature points) to a "Master Point." This master point is there for you to be able to recenter, realign, or re-orient your track to Hitfilm's 3D space. You'll even see certain video tutorials discuss this. 

    TL/DR: Yes, this happens. Select the master point and rotate it 180 degrees on Z.

    Look in this thread. In there I link to the manual for the AE version of Tracker, which is 95% accurate for the Hitfilm version. 



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    @Triem23 Actually, instead of rotating the Master Point 180 degrees on the Z Axis, I would suggest rotating the Camera Orientation 180 on Z. I have found that the Virtual Camera moves the wrong direction if you adjust the Master Point instead of the Camera's Orientation.

    EDIT: Maybe that's not totally correct. I am still playing with it. While the camera moves correctly, it is still not gauging the Points right. Sorry about that... I will keep playing!

  • Ok, if it solves in part. adjust the grid in the first frame and then dewax the object, less control over the points as in other track engines I've tried, but the solution has helped me, I started by applying "set to select" to adjust the maximum possible to the grid, then I have related a point and orbited to adjust it. In this case it came out correctly, but it is another different video.



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