Black screens between clips in editor and export

I'm pretty sure I haven't left gaps between my clips, but the screen goes black during the cut sometimes. Is this a known issue? I'm going to study it more tomorrow to narrow down the issue, but thought I'd post here in case it was a known issue. Think it could be GPU related as the PC I'm using has a pretty weak one and doesn't seem to be able to use the latest drivers.

Also, random extra question. Is it possible to set the background colour for a transparent graphic such that it actually comes through in the export, not just the editor? Should I just edit the graphic separately?


  • @JovintoJain ; To export with a transparent bkg it depends on the format you are exporting.  It has to be one that support an alpha channel like PNG sequence, Cineform and some AVI (but they tend to be prohibitively large files.)  Look at the exprt presets and select one that has alpha channel mentioned.  As far as the black spaces, the only thing I can think of is the clips not being butted completely.  Have you tried using the slider the zoom in on the timeline to make sure there isn't the tiniest of cracks between them?  THere is a Ripple Delete Gap  if you right click in the space but sometimes you have to zoom in to make the space large enough to tigger it to pop in the context menu.  Hope this helps a little.

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