Am planning a PC build, and most information on this site that I have read says go with Intel chips, namely the I7's and nvidia GPU's.  I understand the use of Nvidia GPU's because HF doesn't fully utilize the architecture of AMD"s GPU thread in their graohic cards as they do Nvidia yet, but what about AMD's thread ripper CPU, is that a food choice? It has more cores and can multi thread better than even the 10 core intel's in other applications.  My question is, does anyone have any experience with the threadrippers and will they work  better than the I7's when coupled with an nvidia 1070?


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    For now, Intel and Nvidia are better choices for Hitfilm.

    In a recentish (April?) livestream Josh did state the devs were working to improve thread utilization in Hitfilm, noting as a specific example that Hitfilm doesn't take full advantage of massive multicores like the Threadripper. I can't comment on that progress - forum mods aren't FXHOME staff, so  as far as development progress goes, we're using the same information as the rest of the community. 

    So, for now there's no advantage to a Threadripper, but, in the future (but when?) Hitfilm will take advantage of the cores. 

    As pure speculation, I doubt Josh would have brought up thread utilization unless it was in active development, so I'd guess we'll see that within a year, but, again  pure speculation. 

    Now... What other software do you use besides Hitfilm? If other packages you use will take advantage of the cores, then you'll still probably want to look at the Threadripper and wait for the future Hitfilm update. If not, well... Bit of a guess, I guess? 

  • I use davinci resolve, and some light work in blender, I like working in Hf for 3d rendering, but the render times are atrocious, that's why I'm learning blender now

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    Can't speak for Resolve, but Blender should love that Threadripper.

    For your sanity you probably just want to browse the last few pages of this thread (it's nearly 1500 posts long), but @spydurhank has been working on a custom version of Blender specifically designed for Hitfilm integration. Just something you might want to check out. 

    (This parenthetical pushes right up against my NDA, but - since I'm not spoiling new features - I can probably get away with saying the forthcoming Hitfilm 13 has been clocked by spydurhank as being significantly faster working with 3D models than 12. Some optimization work must have been done on the render engine.)

  • @FilmSensei just built himself a monster machine with a thread ripper so he knows how it handles Hitfilm for sure and I hear on several Blender forums that the Threadripper is pretty good with Blender.

    Thanks @Triem23 and like you I can only say, if you're new to Hitfilm Pro or even just thinking about it and especially if you also use Blender, now is the time to dive into it because in my beta testing, the handling of all 3D data along with animations exported from Blender to Hitfilm Pro 13 is indeed sublime. :) 

  •  Thanks guys, appreciate the input, I think I'll go ahead with my thread ripper plans and hope for the best theater there will be future optimizations that will indeed benefit from architecture.   Thanks again!

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