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    Quick glass shader demo, could definitely use some power user help to create faster glass shaders. :)

  • Playing with a caustics shader using my abstract Hitfilm logo. The caustics are pretty damned fast but the glass shader itself still needs more samples. Need to make it faster. :)

  • I am going to experiment as well with glass and settings see if I can come up with anything. ( probably not as good as what you are already coming up with) But I am curious as in order to render a single pane type window glass you add a solidify modifier to it and then blender treats it right. Without the solidify modifier it treats it as a solid piece. For example a marble vs a Christmas ornament. Like the rain drops in my one scene they were just icospheres and to be honest they were just a simple Principal shader with the transmission set to 1 and ior set to 1.35 I didn't tweak any settings in filmer.

  • @FlyingBanana78 ,

    See, that is why I need someone that knows a bit about 3D shaders and nodes, I eyeball my shaders too much I think although eyeballing it every time does give me the freedom to come up with some pretty nasty shaders.

    I have been adding a solidify mod to my glass objects, then apply it to uv unwrap and texture the 3D model. Like you said it does help massively to help cgi glass look more like real glass.

    The only problem with this is that Hitfilm doesn't handle glass with thickness very well plus a glass object inside the volume of another glass object doesn't work the way you'd expect it to in Hitfilm. It is not impossible to fake good glass caustics in Hitfilm as long as the 3D object has a simple shape like a pane of glass. It can be done in Hitfilm but it'd be nice if it was a simpler process and didn't come at a render cost. 

    I'm setting up a simple scene to explain this in an upcoming video but pretty much I'm going to create a 3D scene in Filmer and then import the same scene into Hitfilm Pro. From there and with the same 3D scene synced in Filmer and Hitfilm Pro, we'll be able to easily compare material settings plus you gill will get a very good idea of how I use my material hacks with both programs combined. :)


  • Sounds awesome. Glass can be a real pain and causes so much noise.

  • @FlyingBanana78 ,

    Definitely, glass is handled very poorly in Cycles.

    The new samples that I coded for Filmer do great with glass like a car windshield or a pane of glass with thickness. It kills any fireflies and the glass is super clean. It gets tougher to render when the 3D object has volume and thickness so we need a better shader for this. I did find a pretty fast way to get glass caustics but I'll keep working on it to improve speed. I'll explain better in the video but it will showcase why it is better to sync a 3D scene in both programs because Hitfilm simply handles certain things faster which is better imho then Blender.

    I feel that Hitfilms 3D pbr materials and composting tools are severely underestimated but they are in fact more powerful than people realize. I've touched a tiny bit on this power in my videos and I see that a few people do understand what I do but even so, I could show you Hitfilm + Blender compositing stuff that no one knows about because I invented this to enhance the quality of my already high quality 3D objects. I couldn't do things as fast as I can if it weren't for Hitfilm. All of my Blender hacks and composting tricks along with this entire 3D pipeline revolves around getting actual 3D content and animations from Blender to Hitfilm. Blenders node material and compositing system is cool and everything but I honestly prefer Hitfilm.

    Here is a really good and extremely powerful thing that Hitfilm can do for my 3D objects that no one knows about. The objects can be simple shapes like text or very complicated like an aircraft. I can get infinite level of detail with textures although it does take some simple tricks but it is only possible because of the way that Hitfilm handles the import of 3D objects. It is so easy it will blow your mind.

    I can get multilayer .exr like behavior for compositing except it is generated in Hitfilm. Again it is only possible because of the way that Hitfilm handles the import of 3D objects. It is so easy it will blow your mind.

    I can texture a simple or complicated 3D object live, in Hitfilm. Again it is only possible because of the way that Hitfilm handles the import of 3D objects. It is so easy it will blow your mind.

    It is crazy and I can't wait to start the video but we've got window repair guys doing their thing and the lawn guys just showed up at the house so I'll have to wait till after they're gone. :)

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    Getting better renders with glass, sorry about the weird double post. I had to figure out Google photos real fast.

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    Sorry for the double/triple post.

    The scene isn't mine I just added the spheres. I joined and got it from the "Blender Cloud" which I'm about to devour and absorb. Check out the render time. The robot thingy had sub-division modifier set to three but I lowered it to one.

    I'm starting a Blender to Hitfilm thread over on to show what can be done with Filmer and Hitfilm. Also, Courtney is helping me with starting a Patreon so I can get the word out and inspire a lot more interest in funding development than has been shown so far. :)

  • Awesomesauce! I will be looking for the post as well on the blender artists site. I got the same user name on there as well, minus the 78 at the end. We are getting rainy season storms right now so I can't play around in filmer. Sometimes I hate Florida lol.

  • @spydurhank ; Be sure to shoot me a note when you get the patreon thing going, Frank.  I'm so there... :)

  • @spydurhank I see what you mean about the glass thickness being a bottleneck issue. I did a simple two cubes with bevels on them. One was a solid cube and it would render with lower samples and transmission settings and still look decent. However the other cube that I just added a solidify modifier to which makes it like a hollow ice cube would render almost black till I almost doubled the transmission amount in render settings. I will have more time tomorrow to play around on the desktop but just wanted to dip a bit into the glass mystery and see what might be going on. I think it is just a matter of the number of bounces needed calculated on a piece of glass that is reflecting not only on itself but its surroundings that is requiring the higher counts in order to render clearer.

  • @FlyingBanana78 ,

    Dude, I appreciate your input and unfortunately, I noticed the extra bounces created more noise too. I ran the same experiment that you did and was like... noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! because it about doubled render times. Check out the render sample settings to the right of the screen. Still fast but it hurt my soul a little to see render times double. Freakin' glass.

    A glass object with no thickness which renders fast and clean at say 9 seconds.

    Glass objects with thickness goes up to 14 seconds and not as clean as I'd like.

    Extra samples to get really clean render for glass object with thickness. Render time goes up to 19 seconds.

    The new render samples that I coded clean up the 3D scene, not including the glass, at much lower samples so they handle all of the other Cycles materials very well and renders pretty fast. So glass is the killer here.

    The glass Caustics bouncing off the floor render pretty fast too. :)

    I'll keep experimenting with Glass but I'll do my best to get you guys a copy of Filmer with the new render samples by this Monday so you can enjoy the speed. :)

  • Well the only glass that got anything done to it today was the windows being pelted with hail , wind and rain. Oh well guess there is always tomorrow. :(

  • @FlyingBanana78 ,

    I'm surprised we didn't get the storm from your end of Florida, I could here thunder from pretty far away and I was sure it was coming to Kissimmee because we suddenly got a ton of clouds and wind but we got lucky and nothing showed up but some wind and a tad bit of rain. Speaking of storms and such,

    I started playing with the volume scatter shader node a tiny bit this morning, I'll look into volume absorption later on but it looks like we'll be able to get good render times with volumetrics. Needs more study though. Here are some volume scatter pics at pretty low samples, obviously need more samples just like glass with thickness but it is a good start because... I think volume scatter and absorption are related to glass?  :)

  • That is the other thing I hate doing because render times go through the roof with volumetrics. That is awesome to be able cut into the standard render times for volumetric lighting. Honestly I know I haven't experimented much with it since the denoiser and the new denoiser came out. I do know that the standard denoiser in blender would render volumetric horribly cause it would inerpret it as noise and go all blotchy with the render.


    Another side note Gleb Alexadrov did a video comparing Remington graphics denoiser with blenders and how he was tweaking settings and the results between the two and he was using the classroom scene which has glass in it as well that he mentions too.

  • Thanks @FlyingBanana78 , I'll check those out. :)

    I put together a scene for my compositing hack tut. Got a simple animated 3D Filmer scene exported and synced over in Hitfilm. So cool, all of my compositing hacks also work in express. Here is the Filmer scene...

    and the same scene in Express. 3D mesh is on the left and the Filmer render pass set to a blend of "Overlay", is on the right. 10-ish seconds render time per frame in Filmer. Everything lines up pixel perfect. 

    No compositing or anything fancy, just set the scene up and made sure the Hitfilm camera settings and scene scale matched up with the Filmer scene. :)

  • Exporting a very simple Filmer 3D scene into Hitfilm Express. Compositing cut short as .exr textures were not being displayed so I only use a handful of my compositing hacks "user error I'm sure", still it will give you great compositing inspiration and what you can do with my tools. Compositing possibilities are off the charts.

  • @spydurhank Do you think the point tracker that is coming to the next release is going to change anything? Seen it in the latest FX Home creating the Upside Down, looks a lot like AE's 3d point tracker.

  • @FlyingBanana78 ,

    For sure the Foundry Camera Tracker will change things for the better. :)

    In my mind I'm tinkering with importing a .hfcs containing a camera and 3D points into Blender/Filmer so I think it'd be very cool to do a 3D matchmove in Hitfilm and export that data over to Filmer.

    I'm exited to try it out. Could mean more magic. 

  • Tweaked the hell out of and converted the Blender bmw scene to work in Hitfilm Pro and Express. Animated the scene in Filmer and exported it to Hitfilm Pro and Express. I'm beta testing Pro 13 so can't show you that but it is entirely nasty. :)

    I can show you the Express project. this is right after syncing  the Filmer 3D scene in Express. With the 3d scene scynced in both programs, any data can be exchanged between them. In this case it is render passes. No fancy compositing but you can see Filmer reflection passes mixed with the 3D scene in Express. Nasty stuff. :)

  • Hi guys,

    Sorry for being sporadic the past few days, it is due to a family loss. I'll be back soon.

  • No need for apologies. Sorry to hear of your loss. Take your time and do you and family first.

  • @spydurhank ;  My deepest condolences, Frank. I agree with FlyingBanana78.  

  • @FlyingBanana78 and @tddavis ,Thank you very much guys, I appreciate your kind words.

     In better news. I finally cracked exporting an entire Blender/Filmer 3D scene over to Hitfilm Express and Pro. 

    I'll post more pics and details in the coming days. :)


  • Quick demo of me exporting the Blender/Filmer bmw scene with pseudo render passes for compositing in Hitfilm Express. With the 3d scene synced to scale in both programs I can do some very crazy looking compositing that appears complicated but is in fact easy as pie. Doing an alembic demo next. Pretty hot stuff. :)

  • I'm doing a quick demo video tomorrow showing you a fast runthrough of how easy it is to export an entire Blender/Filmer scene over to Hitfilm Express, Also works flawlessly in Hitfilm Pro but can't show you till after Pro 13 is out of beta. This is gonna be so cool. I'll show you the bmw scene from the post above which is like a static promo shot and the Optimus Prime scene in the pics below which is a hard surface character Alembic animation. 

    In the left viewer is a pseudo path tracing self reflection pass from Filmer mixed with the actual 3D scene in Hitfilm Express. On the right is Hf Express top view and perspective view of the 3D scene. 

    Here is the Filmer scene for reference. 

  • Nice little demo showing how easy it will be to export a Blender2.80/Filmer 3D scene to Hitfilm Express, also works for Hitfilm Pro. The next video will be a Transformer scene with Alembic animation. Pretty cool stuff. :)

  • Hey guys,

    I'll post more later but yesterday after experimenting all day, I got an entire Blender2.80/Filmer scene including and most importantly, a 3D particle simulation over to Hitfilm. The particle sim is the tiny spheres in the scene.

    At the moment, the particle sim export was a pretty difficult, manual and complicated process. It will need some time to write some code that will automate the process to export it easily over to Hitfilm but it does work and the scene syncs up nice in both programs which is pretty cool because Blender particles and Hitfilm particles interacting with each other in the same 3D scene. Magic. :)

    I'll post pics of the 3D scene in Hf Express 12 and other alembic works, a bit later today. For now I'm updating Filmer with todays Blender 2.80.0 bug fixes. Exiting time ya'll. :)




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