Hitfilm Lite?

I recommend Hitfilm Express to the stop motion communities that I belong to. There are a lot of young people creating fantastic content with limited budget. They would be a good audience for Hitfilm Express and potential upgraders to Hitfilm Pro when their situation changes.
Here's the thing
1) Many of them are using mobile devices rather than PC.
2) Those using PC have lower end machines.
I have found with my own machine that it runs HF4 well but HF12 just demands a little too much.

I know there has been a request for a mobile version of HF but what about a HF Express lite version?


  • Personally I think the market for simple compositors is already saturated especially on mobile. One of the main reasons express is slow is the lack of gpu grunt which cost money and if you stripped the GPU heavy features out, your back to point one, too many others doing just that.

    It's certainly a tricky thing to resolve.

  • Yeah. I get that.
    Maybe re-badge a previous version of Express which has lower spec.

    I haven't thought it through completely (the age old issue of jumping straight to a solution) but I just feel there needs to be an easier 'in' for younger people.

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    "I have found with my own machine that it runs HF4 well but HF12 just demands a little too much."

    I've read this a few times from users but it doesnt make a lot of sense because the HF's minimum requirements have changed little since HF4's relese. We recently increased the minimum requirements slightly but these are the minimums that we support and there have been no code changes to enforce them; HF12 still runs on Intel 4000 PCs under Windows 7 from 10 years ago, we just can't devote resources to support it.

    Many new features have been added since HF4, including big performance improvements. If anything, HF12 should perform better on the same hardware than HF4, not worse, but for many people HF4 represents the high water mark and it's not clear why.

    What exactly do you find slower with HF12?

  • I haven't touched HF12 for a few months. I'll try to use it for my next video.

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    I just exported the same project from the editor timeline to the same directory on the same disk.
    HF12 - 12 mins
    HF4 - 8 mins
    I didn't take any timings but HF12 also seemed slower to load than HF4 and also slower to load the project.
    i7 3770k with GTX760 and 16gb RAM

  • @DafterThings

    That's interesting. Can you send a project that demonstrates the issue?

  • Sure.
    Just the hfp file or would you need all the clips, sfx, music etc?

    Where would you like it sent?

  • DannyDevDannyDev Staff
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    @DafterThings Can you please contact support, quoting this performance issue, with the attached demo project (with all media) and we will take a look.

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    Personally, I can't imagine trying to edit video on a cellphone screen.  But then, I seem to more or less hate smart phones in general, so not exactly an objective commentator....

    I'm on a 2011 iMac here (16gb RAM), and Hitfilm 4 Express works great.  It crashes now and again, but that seems to be normal for all video apps.  You know, Quicktime crashes more often than Hitfilm does.   Imho, Hitfilm 4 Express is the lite version of Hitfilm.

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    @DafterThings Would you be able to send over the project file, as we would love to be able to look into this in more detail 

  • @dibsmccallum Yep. Will do. I don't suppose there is a 'make exported project with all media' button is there?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @DafterThings What you've just asked is usually called something like "Export Archive" in other NLEs. Hitfilm does not (yet? Hint-hint @DibsMcCallum ) have this function yet. You'll need to manually sort out your media.

    For comparison, Magix Vegas can do this, and it will even trim the source media clips down to just the bits actually used - although that does take awhile as it's basically a batch-transcode.

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    @Triem23 thanks. 
    TBH the effort (even just perceived) of collecting all the media, packaging it and sending it off to support  is causing me to put it further down the to-do list.

    It doesn't help that I'm still happy using HF4 Pro.
    If I need something from HF12 I create it, export a video and then import that into HF4.

    I'll try and find a much simpler example of the extra export time. 

    <edit> BTW : Need to use your name again in the next part of Spartan Pooh. Hope it's still OK.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @DafterThings just remember it's pronounced "TRY-em."

    Or were you going with "Mike?" Either way, all good .

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