Add-ons or Pro?

Quick question: should I buy add ons for HitFilm Express gradually, or just buy HitFilm Pro?


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    To a certain extent it depends on how many add ons you're looking at. Buying all the add on packs will cost far more than Pro and you won't get the Pro-exclusive features. On the other hand  when upgrading from Express to Pro you'll get a partial discount based on which add ons you have (roughly half of what you paid for add ons). 

    My general advice is if someone is looking at more than $100-$150 or so in add ons, just save up for Pro. 

  • About 75% of everything that can be found in Pro can be found in the free version of Express.

    About 20% can be purchased through the add ons.

    About 5% can be found only in Pro.

    Triem's advice of using the $100-150 tipping point is a good one. If you add up the cost of all the add ons, it is much more expensive than just buying Pro. So if you are going to use a lot of different effects, then it is better to get Pro. Plus, you'll get an additional set of effects that you wouldn't get by buying the add ons alone. Looking at it another way, 25% of all of the effects that can't be found in Express cannot be bought as an add on because it's only found in Pro. (5% out of the 25%). That's a lot!

  •  FWIW, In 2014 I had to make the same decision and while I didn't get into the math of it as in depth as @Triem23 and @FilmSensei, I quickly saw that I would probably want to get all the add-ons at some point so I just went with Pro and haven't regretted it.

  • @tddavis There was never a decision for me. Around Christmas of 2013, FXhome didn't provide add ons for Express. Either you went with the free version (HitFilm 2 Express at the time) or you bought HitFilm 2 Ultimate. I needed the Particle Sim, so there was no choice. I've had no regrets either! :)

  • I always go with Pro, all the way back to version one of Hf. :)

  • Hey there,

    "On the other hand  when upgrading from Express to Pro you'll get a partial discount based on which add ons you have"

    Is this still valid? I wrote with a store support chat and asked this question and they told me that, after buying Express add-ons, these prices will not be discounted on a pro licence in anyway.

  • @ManuelSenfft this is no longer the case, you are correct. With the addition of Pay What You Want, pro is no longer discounted based on add-ons owned. This is because the PWYW system provides you have lots and lots of heavily discounted packs.

  • Thanks for your reply, Ben!

    "heavily discounted packs" --> sorry, if I have to ask, but when I am in the FXHome Add-On shop and put an add-on in the basket, it has 100% the price. How did you mean the "heavily discounted packs" thing? Or did you "just" mean the PWYW for Hitfilm Express? (I might have missed something here, but one thing is clear to me: sooner or later I am going to buy the pro version anyway, but I do not really want to buy things in advance then).

  • @ManuelSenfft the PWYW bundles are not in the store, they are accessed when you go to download Express, and are a collection of varous packs from the store at a lower price and with a charitable bonus.

  • Hey Ben, thanks for your reply, again! Wow, I totally missed that one. Thanks for the hint; this indeed sounds like a very nice offer from you guys. I will take a look there! Have a nice day. (=

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