New Hitfilm coming out?


I was wondering if anyone's heard any word about when the hitfilm update with the foundry camera tracker and AE plugin compatibility will be coming out?


  • I think the best we've gotten as far as a date is "this year". I think there was some talk or speculation about summer, but take it with a grain of salt.  They may also be separate updates... AE plugins could come before or after Foundry's camera tracker.

    We probably won't get anything much more specific until it's ready or almost ready for release. 

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    Triforce is correct. Generally  FXHOME doesn't announce release dates ahead of time. The reason for this is (despite what some think) Hitfilm goes through extensive testing before release, and, sometimes things come up that lead to delay. Hitfilm 12, for example, was pushed back due to some issues that arose later in the development cycle. Additionally, with something like Foundry's camera trackers or Ae plug-ins issues can arise with the third-party vendor. Part of the Hitfilm 12 delay, for example  was a Imagineer's end. The Mocha Hitfilm update for Hitfilm 12 released in the 12.1 update. This is out of FXHOME's hands.

    So, later this year is the only guess. 

  • @Triem23 as this is the PRO Support forum I assume "The Mocha Hitfilm update for Hitfilm 12 released in the 12.1 update." refers to PRO - do you know if will there be a Mocha Hitfilm Express update sometime?

  • @pinthenet Triem is only a moderator, not staff, so he probably doesn't know. Even if he did, he would be under a NDA that would forbid him from mentioning it. Until FXHome officially reveals something, nobody knows (or can say) anything.

    Your best bet for getting an answer to that question would be to ask on the official social media (Twitter is probably best) or try and ask during one of their YouTube live streams if Josh is on (as CEO, he can more or less reveal things at will)

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    @triforcefx "(as CEO, he can more or less reveal things at will)"

    Not if Kirstie is there. Josh is rightfully intimidated by that formidable pyrate! :D

  • @pinthenet The version of Mocha HitFilm is the same in HitFilm Pro and HitFilm Express. The main difference is that it is turned off by default in Express until you buy the Mocha addon.

  • @CedricBonnier Thanks Cedric, I ask because with my Hitfilm 12.3 Mocha still shows

    Version 5.5.1 build 13238
    Build Date Apr 19 2017

    I purchased the Addon some time ago.

  • That is the mocha version that is in Hitfilm Pro.

  • All clear, so the updated Mocha addon hasn't made it into Hitfilm 12


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @pinthenet yup. Thought the mocha had been updated. That's still most likely a delay at Imagineer's end. 

  • Correct, we have Mocha HitFilm version 6.0 internally but it is not ready yet. When it is, both Pro and Express will be updated at the same time.

    Was there any issues in particular that you wanted to be fixed?

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    No, just thought the newer version may have improvements in features and performance/accuracy.

    To be honest, since purchasing the Mocha add on I found that most things I wanted to do could be handled by HitFilm's tracker. I also looked into Blender for tracking

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    Mocha Pro (6.0.2) "wasn't listed as Hitfilm 12 compliant until the late March update. 6.0 was released in Nov. *shrug* Mocha 6 actually is an extensive recode - and Hitfilm 12 had extensive recode. Probably caused some delays. Imagineer probably wouldn't finish Mocha Hitfilm before Pro was working. 

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