Spartan Pooh Part 3 : Welcome to the Wastelands.

This is the first video where I have scripted a 4-part series and it is so tricky to script across episodes.
The first was quite tight, the second is all clear but the third and fourth scare the life out of me. I'm not even sure I can animate what is supposed to happen

Anyway, mistakes in production with the green screen *but* with the new, smaller lights (and without the silly mistakes) I think they're going to work better.

Tried to push the audio a little but I am still not comfortable adding the little music/sound type thing. 
It took me ages to find the noise for the Helmet 'shock' ( @filmsensei this was going to be the dolly zoom effect) and still not sure if it works.


  • @filmsensei ; Excellent. Do you think there could be a dolly zoom with that particular image of the helmet in the crate?

  • @DafterThings I think if you filmed it right, you could get a nice effect, yes. You would have to push the camera in toward everything, then rescale in post.

  • How does this look?

    This is my five-minute stab at it.

  • That looks good. I did get quite a good result by adding zoom blur with a mask around the helmet and zooming it a little more.

  • Great! :) Nice intro and the first scene where we're looking at the trio, it really looks like they are looking at the other two characters as he talks, with their head movements going from one to the other; as you would.

    Not sure about the timing of the "stand down", as it's before the staring contest, which implies insubordination when the stare continues after it. A second later and it would be to prevent a fight after the stare had gone on a while.
    Some really nice attitude is conveyed with simple head movements. The pause in the turn away after the doc threatens Verbal with having his tongue removed is nicely done. Even the pose of the pirate lounging against the door frame is so natural it looks like he's really just watching what's going on with interest. The changes in focus etc. the POV of the gun butt to the head are all nice little details that you don't always see done so well with actual actors.

    The green screen's not that big a distraction and it's always going to be tricky when you've got soft focus on some things, so: whatever. I didn't miss the lack of a dolly zoom. The original shot looks fine as it was to me.

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    Thank you. Absolutely agree with the 'stand down' . I tried to make it look as if he wasn't going to let it drop so easily but it does look like subordination. TBH : His character *is* to develop into having had enough with the military so it might still work but the intent was to show how large his dislike for pirates (actually smugglers but...)  is.

    Thanks for all the great comments and feedback here and previous posts. Always appreciated.

  • With you knowing the motivation of  Verbal, then it does also read as: "I heard him, and I will stand down, but just so you know...we're not friends". Ambiguity is what makes things interesting. :)

  • Yep.
    Stare, "stand down Private", look to Sarge, look back to Hobbs as you back-away.
    Blimey, acting is difficult  

  • Well done. The voice acting was excellent, the animation looks great as always, and I really like how your doing more of a Cinematic 4 parter with this series.

    Again, you nailed the end screens.

    Best of luck and looking forward to the 4th one!!

  • @xhan47 Thanks. Much appreciated.

    I've always wanted to create an original story, world and characters. Admittedly this is linked to Halo but I'm looking to move it away from that.

  • Welcome.

    Cool. Very interested in seeing what that will look like.

  • Some advice needed...

    I do still want to work on other ideas but I don't want people to lose track of the story.
    Should I work my way through the other 3 parts of this story in the near future or stretch them out over the rest of the year?

  • I say... do whatever you want! It's your show. :)

  • You'd have thought I would have learnt that after that blog 

    The final part is due to have a massive Helm's Deep (LotR) battle so I'd better starting learning how to use the particle sim for cloned soldiers 

  • The good news is, using the Particle Sim for that is pretty easy! The hard part will be animating enough different looks so that it doesn't look like the same thing all over the battlefield. Either that or use a lot of Michael Bay style quick cuts so no one notices! :) Lol!

  • Yeah. Some of the 'mass' will be the enemy marching forward which is perfect for cloning. I was then going to do 3-4 close-ups which can be flipped and, perhaps, coloured for variation. A similar number of 'death' animations.
    Once we get to close combat I can animate individually with, perhaps, some blurred stock animations in the background.
    It's also complicated that the set is supposed to be HUGE and I just don't have the space. I'll be layering green screens for the outpost and restricting the width of the set with big rocks.
    It's interesting because I generally do a 'cinematic' visualisation where my video surpasses  LotR and then the practical visualisation where I began to comprehend the complexities and corners that need to be cut 

  • @Triem23 ;
    I'd been waiting for what might be a more suitable time.
    I did use your username at 03:10 and intend to use it again. I pretty sure it's OK but thought I would share out of courtesy as you might have missed it.

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