Alpha channel - as a video render?

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Hi, Quick Q:

Can I export the Alpha channel as a video by itself, without the RGB?



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    Not that I can think of. Closest way that comes to mind would be to drop a Fill Color on everything (white) and drop in a black plane in the BG. That would give you a grayscale render to use as a Set Matte source. 

    But  given the insane things you do, I can see that being tedious to set up. 

    At the moment, none of the formats in the Export Queue offer A-only Export. Maybe add this to the Wishlist? 

  • Cha, Cha, Triem23... I'll take that as a compliment. :)

    Sanity is only a matter of perspective. Thanks, byw.

    You can view the Alpha channel, it's a shame you can't export it.

    It could help me a lot with delivering animations to clients by 2 simple Mp4 exports:

    1. RBG,

    2. Alpha

    This can dramatically reduce the file size of MOV+Alpha or PNG sequence required.  

    I've found myself transferring 8G for 1min. to a client with Cineform 12bit - It seems too much for me.

    Have a pleasant day, Amitai.



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     @AAVFX certainly a compliment. You do some of the most elaborate Hitfilm work I've seen, and your love for massive particle systems.... I'll just assume your computer(s) are significantly more powerful than mine. :)

    Perhaps adding a Wishlist item for being able to export channel only would be a good thing? I'd +1 that. It's not something that most users would ever think of, but for anyone trying to create stock elements with transparency, it would be a very helpful option. Other software does allow for A-channel only export, so I guess it depends on what libraries FXHOME is using for export modules? Certainly a lot of stock footage online comes in mp4 with a greyscale alpha animation for a Set Matte.

  • Have you tried adding the Matte Cleaner effect set to view the Alpha channel, maybe on a grade layer or an embedded comp? Not sure if it works for particles and things but I think it can be rendered...

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    @ZachAlan_Productions huh. If that works - putting Matte Cleaner on a grade layer and rendering the matte output - then that's a flipping brilliant pull! Nicely speculated. 

  • @Triem23 @ZachAlan_Productions I don't see why that wouldn't work. If not on a Grade Layer, you could always drag the entire Comp into a new Comp and do it there, right? Instant black and white mp4 alpha clip... that's a really good idea!

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    I can confirm now that this does work. Tried it using a grade layer over a particle system with lifetime alpha, motion blur, and a zoom blur effect. All Alpha changes appear in the Matte Cleaner and I know it can be rendered out. Cool!

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    @ZachAlan_Productions well... That's the best Hitfilm tip of 2019 so far! *High five emoji* I think you'll make Amitai's day as soon as he sees your tip!

  • Yep!  I've tried it, and it worked - You're the best, guys! Thanks everyone!   :)


  • @ZachAlan_Productions ; Congrats to you!  It's that kind of out-the-box thinking that you and other guys do so well that would never in an infinite number of years occur to me.  Heck, I barely understand the whole concept of an alpha render :)

  • @Triem23 +1 to your comment! I vote that so far in 2019, that is the best HitFilm tip. It's going to be hard to come up with something better than this, but I am sure that @ZachAlan_Productions is up to the task! :)

  • @Triem23 @FilmSensei @tddavis @AAVFX

    Thanks everyone, glad I could help!

    Now to finally finish that Endgame title tutorial...

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