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  • Holey moley guys!!! 

    So uhh... this turned out way cooler than I thought. I also though it would take me at least two months to work on it but instead wrote it over night. Holey sheep counting here I come. A quick benchmark later after some sleep. :) 

    You can see that I have all my gear selected in the User Preferences. Both CPUs and both the AMD and Nvidia GPU types stayed pretty cool the whole time. 

    Filmer renders the default bmw scene with 1225 aa samples in under 10 seconds. 


    I cranked up the samples to something that I'd never use 16384 aa samples and Filmer rendered that in under 25 seconds.

  • Here's a quick 5 minute video before I go to sleep. I was up too late and accidentally re-introduced the Auto Scrambling Distance bug last night. I know where the bug pops up in the source code so it is an easy fix for later today. Now to sleep but let me know what you guys think. Later. :)

  • Fixed the auto scrambling distance bug and now everything renders fine and wow does it render fast. :)

    I'll look into it further because I don't know if it is a bug or what, but if You watch the video above or take a look at the two pics a bit higher in this thread, you'll see that I've toggled on all of my rendering devices. If I don't toggle on all of my devices "leave them all unchecked", Filmer still uses all the detected devices. It is weird and I'm still a bit too tired to worry about it but I've been testing and testing benchmarks and the system ram usage stays pretty level and stable. Both Nvidia and Amd GPU types along with my CPU cores never get hot or fluctuate.

    Really cool stuff happening here. :)    

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Probably a minor code issue you haven't found yet, since Filmer is the first thing I've heard of that would grab multiple GPUs from different vendors. 

  • @Triem23 , I just sent you an e-mail. :)

    You're right, I always go too far, should've left it alone when I first got it working but the idea that we can go faster made me pretty obsessive and I literally could not stop working on it. The scrambling distance bug was a simple decimal point typo... yup, one decimal point. Clumsy fingers.  :)

    Does anyone here on the forums have both graphics card types? A little lonely here testing this build by myself but it is really fun. gonna go bench test fur and volumetrics. 


  • Awake for a few minutes then crashing for a good long while. Need it. :)

    Anyway, Blender 2.80.0 will be out of Beta in July so I'm gonna begin building all addons with Tools Panels and ops directly into Filmer to avoid all/any further installation issues. 

    Another thing is, if you've seen my last video where I have initial support for cpu+cuda+opencl rendering at the same time in Cycles, uuh… there was a happy glitch/accident that I discovered to get a crazy super fast render time with cpu. In the video, the glitch was that Cycles was using only the cpu by default and not the detected gpus even though I selected them so what you saw in the video was only cpu rendering. I'm gonna work on actually rendering with all rendering devices which is looking really good but like I said, In the video only cpu was used and look how crazy fast it was. 10 seconds or so for default bmw scene. This will be great for lower end cpus like mine: 2x intel xeon 2670s at 2.6GHz:)

    I'm gonna slow down on the cpu+mulit vendor gpu rendering thing and apply this extra speed patch that I accidentally found to the already working speed improvements in Filmer, that way everyone can benefit from this extra speed boost without having to wait for the cpu+multi vendor gpu rendering patch.  This will wait till tomorrow because I need more rest but you guys will get extra fast rendering asap.



  • We now need very super low samples to get a clean image. 4k image with one render sample. :)

    Doing a bit of clean up before releasing this update and demo video.

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    @spydurhank ; 1 render sample?  That's like a Holy Grail for CG people!  Great job! Looking forward to test driving that puppy.

  • @tddavis ,

    Yeah it is crazy super fast, you guys are gonna love it. :)

    On another good note, The multi vendor cuda+opencl+cpu rendering Filmer-Patch is coming along pretty good. The opencl needs more work but the cpu and cuda devices are now selectable and can be used at the same time. Just need to be able to also select and use OpenCL devices as well. I'll work on that when I have more time. :)   

  • @spydurhank ; That sounds super awesome... Take your time; it'll be a godsend whenever you get it worked out.

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    Interesting. 14 seconds Cycles huh? I wonder what it's doing to the Eevee render times...must be under a second?

  • @GrayMotion ,

    Have no idea, I'm only tweaking the Cycles source code and not the Eevee render engine. My viewport rendering is really fast too.

  • Been sick since May 2nd or 3rd, can barely speak so not much done other than adding an insane render speed patch to Filmer which is working massively well. You guys will get this patch update to play with as soon as I feel better and can speak. Pics below.  

    Also the CPU + Cuda + OpenCL rendering at the same time patch is coming along nice. I reached out to the guy teaching the Coding Blender Course. I showed him some pics of my progress where you can see all render devices in the User Preferences but can only select CPU and CUDA devices and he is going to show me the bits that I need to make OpenCL GPUs selectable at the same time as CUDA GPUs. This will happen sometime this month and I can't but will wait for that because it is gonna be awesome.

    Here is Filmer with the newer-faster stuff. I left all settings open so you can see what is happening. 4k image in just over 10 seconds. Regular Blender 2.80.0 needs 1,225 aa samples to get something usable on a 960 x 540 image which then needs to be denoised. In Filmer we only need 6 :enhanced viewport + render: samples to get something usable which can then be denoised. These 4K images are denoised after the short 10 second-ish render time.   

    And here is the multi vender device rendering Filmer patch. Gonna be so stoked when I get this working with CUDA and OpenCL at the same time. I'm using CUDA only in this patch as the OpenCL is still un-selectable. Still pretty fast though. :)  

    Also but not related, found this awesome large scale vfx compilation. It is super cool.    

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    @spydurhank ; So, I am trying my hand at doing a little something something (maybe for the Hitfilm 200K sub thingy) and I have noticed something odd with Filmer last build 3/25/19 a:  While I am getting frames at half the time of the latest 2.8 beta every time I make a change in the project when I hit SAVE it closes the program without saving??  If I go to 2.8 Beta, make the changes then reopen in Filmer, it's all there and I can render with the 50% reduction in time per frame just fine.  I wonder if my scene is messing with Filmer in some way?  Here's a frame where I was having the most changes and therefore the most abrupt shutdowns: Walk0094.png?dl=0

    Any clue what I might be doing to cause said behavior?

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    @tddavis , Sorry for late response. Brain is loopy.

    When a Blender 2.80 beta release has bugs, Filmer will also have those bugs. Only way to correct this is to update with current official Blender 2.80 beta release that may or may not have those bugs fixed. That is why Blender features and addons break daily making current Blender 2.80 .blend files incompatible with previous versions of Blender 2.80.

    I've been sick the past week and just now had a chance to update Filmer with the current Blender 2.80 which is what you download from the official site. I need to run another update today which I'll upload for you guys later on but just in case, I've got an experimental build that I built before I got too sick which should render even faster but you'll need way less samples. I think it is two days old so you should be okay to use it, if not I'm still updating today and uploading for you guys.

    Anyway, I can e-mail you a dropbox link to an experimental copy of Filmer with quick instructions if you like? 



    Sorry, the image looks great, don't know what I'm looking for though.

  • @spydurhank ; Oh, there's nothing to look for in that image.  It was just to give you a basis for what all I had going on in the scene.  I am using the latest Filmer you have on your site, but I guess all the 2.8 updates since the end of March of got it's panties in a twist with switch the files between them as you said.  Glad that's all it is.  I was afraid it was something much more difficult for you to take care of.  No worries on rushing any updates now that I know what's up I can work around until you feel better enough to work on updates...of course, I wouldn't thumb my nose at a link either :)

  • Hey @tddavis ,

    Gimme a little while, I think after some food I'll be good to go. My brain is scattered right now from Dayquil and stuff.

  • @tddavis ,

    Hey sorry I thought I was feeling better on the 13th but then became sick again and simply passed out for an extra few days. Felt better yesterday and was almost caught up but Windows 10 kept randomly crashing on me so I had to reset/reinstall windows 10. One thing after another. :)

    Anyway, Filmer is updated up till May 16th with Official Blender 2.80 Beta bug fixes. Explanation in video but because every new Blender 2.80 and Filmer build fixes previous bugs, older Blender 2.80 and Filmer projects may not work properly.

    Because every new Filmer release has bug fixes, always uninstall old Filmer addons and make sure that they are no longer in:  Users/your-name/roaming/app data/blender foundation/blender/2.80/scripts/addons.,

    Then download latest Filmer release and unzip, finally install the bundled addons in: 

    latest Filmer-#-#-#-#/2.80/scripts/addons_contrib/Hitfilm-snippets. Sorry that you need to do this but every Blender 2.80 release with bug fixes and api changes requires me to also update my addons with every Filmer release.

    Here is the latest video. Mainly focused on render speed improvements with a new sampling method. If you want to play with the latest Filmer without watching the video, the new improvements are meant to be used with denoising but here are the settings to note in the Render Tab/Panel and you can always denoise your final image however you see fit.  

    Quality Samples: You can keep this at one sample but you can raise it if you really need more quality.

     Enhanced Render Samples: You can keep this fairly low, 16 to 64 samples is usually good enough for denoising to get a clean image and you  shouldn't need more than 200 samples but you can raise this higher if you really need to. Explanation in video. Enjoy and let me know what you guys think. :) 


    Download latest Filmer release with bug fixes up till 5-16-2019.

  • Cool beans! I will be installing it later tonight and giving it a test run with a model I'm working on at the moment. (Yes it will be a separate save file from previous version just in case) 

  • @FlyingBanana78 ,

    Cool, just in case to avoid issues... after you set up the new Filmer, try appending the scene from your older Filmer project rather than opening it with the new Filmer, then save incrementally. Sorry again about this hassle during Beta and thanks again for testing. :)   

  • @spydurhank ; Oh, absolutely no worries, Frank.  Wednesday my autistic grandson was puking and stayed home from school.  With cleaning up after him I came down with last night and if you had the same stuff, it is horrible!  I completely understand.  I will download it and start testing as soon as I feel up to it now myself.  The struggle is real...



  • @tddavis ,

    Oh yes sir it sure is. It knocked me down and I stayed down. You and your grandson stay rested and get well. 

  • Doing some code clean up as the Blender 2.80 ui api is pretty solid. Getting rid of Dithered Sobol, Auto Scrambling Distance because the code base for those two options is pretty big and takes a few hours to write and only works in specific user cases.

    The Sampling method that I showed you guys in my last video, is only around 18 characters of code so it takes me just a few moments to get an automatic feature that renders pretty even distribution of noise on every user case that I've tested so far. :)

    This noise is important and will work great with,

    We're gonna get our very own AI denoiser in Filmer. :) 

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    Picture Here!

    Check out this Tron Recognizer that I was able to quickly model in Blender. It imported perfectly into HitFilm. Thanks Frank for such a great build!

  • @FilmSensei ,

    Thank you and that picture sir is entirely fantastic!!! I'm seriously diggin' all the Tron stuff that I've seen lately on the forums but I like this especially because you built it yourself. Pretty damned cool! Looks awesome! :) 

  • So I missed a bug in the last Filmer build. Fixing it now and updating with latest official 2.80 bug fixes. 

    Bug is in Filmer's viewport preview render. It doesn't affect the final look of rendered image but it does seem to affect render speed although renders are still fast, it really should be rendering about 30% to 40% faster than past Filmer releases.

    I'll have a new build release for you guys today or tomorrow at the latest. :)

    Full disclosure, I've managed to combine the power and speed of Filmer's/Blender 2.80's Viewport Preview Render Samples with the Final Render Samples. It is like rendering two images, each with a different noise pattern, and them mixing them together to get a clean image. You won't see it but it all happens at render time when you click F12. There is no extra compositing or node setup needed. You click F12 and watch your image being rendered at superspeed. 

    The preview samples provide an even distribution of generated noise on final render and the regular Render Samples take care of the rest. Both sampling methods rendering in Filmer at the same time has the added side effect of needing a very low sample count for final render with denoising because the combined samples retain much more detail than just using the regular render samples by themselves.

    Along the way I confirmed my suspicion that we need less samples for larger cleaner noise free images. I'll do a video with as little of my babbling as possible to show you the two settings that you most need to be concerned about. Another cool thing is that you can :tune: the render sample and viewport sample slider settings to your specific graphics card to get the best render speed that is possible.

    I've mentioned this already but due to time constraints, I've decided to completely remove the auto scrambling distance which does provide a tad bit of a render speed boost but also lowers the quality of the final image. I've also removed the Dithered Sobol code because that particular code is pretty large and takes at least two hours to write for every 2.80 update plus, the combined viewport samples + render samples does a much better job with detail retention and noise distribution than dithered sobol. This also means that we wont need a third party library such as Disney Pixar Render Man's Adaptive Samples for noise distribution which I had already started coding because again, the combined Filmer viewport samples + render samples does a better job. Less time coding means you guys will get updates/bug fixes/new tools and stuff much, much faster.

    Anyway, let get outta here so I can do this. Later guys. :)             

  • @spydurhank

    Totally understandable, I haven't had much time this past week to do much of anything due to family issues. Hope to be back into it real soon though. Kinda feel bad being a beta tester of it and not being able to throw the whole kitchen sink at it like I should. But it is without a doubt amazing what you are doing with the coding and tweaks to squeeze every nibble out of our machines and still speed up the times as well. Not to mention making life so much easier getting our creations over into Hitfilm without any hoops to jump through. Thanks again Frank. 

  • Thanks for all of your help and kind words @FlyingBanana78 ;

    More bugs were fixed in Blender 2.8 over night so I'm gonna re-build Filmer real fast and have that uploaded for you guys in an hour or so if everything goes correctly during the build. It is really fast you guys. No Whammies. :)

  • @Spydurhank I have ordered all of the parts to my new computer... Memorial Day sales rock! They should be here by next week, and I will start building it where everything arrives. As soon as I have it built, I will download the latest version of Builder and give it the standard tests. I will let you know what the results are, and I am looking forward to it!

    Here are the specs of the machine I am building:

    • 16gig ram, DDR4 3200
    • AMD RYZEN 7 2700X 8-Core 3.7 GHz (4.3 GHz Max Boost)
    • MSI Gaming GeForce GTX 1080 8GB Graphics Card


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