A potentially interesting laptop bag for field production

I don't normally share many projects, much less those in pre-Kickstarters, but this laptop bag is designed so that the bag unzips where the laptop is nestled inside like a desk with a built-in  slide out mousepad/tray. The same rigid tray gives solid backing to use as a desk, so one can see why I find this potentially interesting for field production! 

Info link: https://nomahawk.co/early-bird

On Instagram the company stated they felt final price would be $150 to $170. A bit pricey, but the Kickstarter should be 50% off, and $75 for a good laptop bag ain't too shabby.

If it'll hold a 17.3" machine I'm probably in. 


  • Stargazer54Stargazer54 Moderator

    Nice.  I like the pull out mouse pad.  You might even be able to edit with it.  Looks interesting.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Stargazer54 the mouse pad and your thought of "I might be able to edit" is exactly what I thought! 

  • edited April 18

    Interesting. That's the first thing I looked at and thought was too flimsy to be useful. It even flexes as they move about one of the lightest mouses (mice?) there is for the animation. Let go and watch your mouse slide off. And that without the weight of a hand on it. A flip out leg on it would be more substantial, but would there always be a surface to rest it on?

    Edit: actually a section that folds out from below to form an upright supporting 'T' cross-section : deep at the inside, tapering towards the end, would work without needing another surface to rest a leg on. 

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