HitFilm window does not display properly

I've recently downloaded HitFilm onto my old laptop to see if it would run, and I've noticed that the window display shows up doubled in the top left corner and causes all the buttons to align with that window instead of where the buttons appear to be.Window Alignment Issue



  • Alright, I scaled down the immage a little but this is a problem I'm having.

    Every time I surch for a salution I just find issues in the editor, but I can't work the editor propperly because of this.

    There are these little black bars on the sides of the immage of Hitfilm Express, which I just downloaded, uninstalled, and reinstalled. It doesn't effect the mouse, so when the mouse is above where the thing should be I can click it.

    Idk what I can do, does anyone have any ideas? or does anyone else have this problem?


  • Nevermind, I found someone else with the same problem down in the other posts and I'm going to try to use a previous version. *shrug*

  • EDIT: Forgot to give an example. If I wanted to open the user guide, I would have to click the area above the user guide.

  • Hey,

    Check to make sure your Windows scaling option is set to 100%, not higher. This is generally the cause for UI allignment related issues.

  • I'm going to assume you have only an Intel integrated GPU. What is the model?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @voltmir @Toksalapa I've merged your threads as you have the same question/issue. 

    Otherwise, I refer you to DannyDev's question above: What is your GPU?

    Otherwise  check your GPU drivers. Old drivers can cause problems. There is a known issue with certain older models of Intel integrated GPU, which is why DannyDev assumes you have one.

    Intel changed the way it does driver updates in Nov 2018. Driver updates now require Intel software you can download here:


    With luck, a simple driver update might take care of the issue. If not, well, Mods aren't FXHOME Staff, so I'll leave you in Danny's care. 

    Even if a driver update helps, posting your GPU here helps the devs - data are data! 

  • I'm having this same issue and updating my Intel/checking my Windows scale didn't fix the problem.

  •  @voltmir

    Please post your exact hardware specs (CPU make and model, GPU make and model, RAM etc).

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    (I don't know much about hardware specs, so I took this straight from the Intel link posted above, please let me know if I'm missing something you need to know)

    Computer: HP Notebook

    Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics

    Memory: 8 GB

    Storage: ST500LT012-1DG142

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @KyleRen2k17 your machine is officially under spec for Hitfilm. The minimum CPU is an i3 - your Celeron is several tiers under that. The min GPU is the Intel HD 4000 - your HD 400 is under spec.

    The changes the devs are making may or may not help you  but your system certainly cannot be tested for.

  • @Triem23 So basically, go back to the old version and hope a new update will make my machine compatible again?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    More or less, except, understand, your machine is not officially compatible with any version of Hitfilm. If 11 is stable for you, you're quite lucky. 

  • I must be incredibly lucky then, 11 is the most stable Hitfilm has ever been for me. Thanks for your help @Triem23!

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