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I installed HitFilm Express. It worked fine. I made a video. Then closed HitFilm Express.   Tried to start HitFilm again and it would not start. Just got a grey screen with the Logo and menu in upper left.  The error message is: "HitFilm Express is not responding.."  Screen capture here:

- Re-booting did not fix problem.
- Running the repair option on the install did not solve the problem
- Uninstalling and Re-installing did not solve the problem.
- Uninstalling, deleting  all files and folders with "HitFilm" in their name, and deleting all registry entries with "HitFilm" in them, and then reinstalling worked.  I did this twice yesterday and was able to get the video finished.

I closed HitFilm Express last night and tried to open to start a new project this morning. It locks up again. Doing the above no longer works.  I'm trying to replace Adobe Premier Pro with HitFilm. I very much like HitFilm. But I can't get it to run twice in a row. Now I can't get it to boot at all.  No matter what I do, I always get the "Not Responding" error.
System Info:
CPU: Intel Core i7-8750H
GPU:  Intel UHD Graphics 630 (Display Adapter) / NVIDIA GeForece GTX 1050
Memory:  16230 MB

Example project (yesterdays project that was completed):

Thank you



  • I've been able reproduce the problem. If I exit the HitFilm Express export feature by clicking on the "X" in the upper right corner (by mistake), the program closes and no longer works (as described above).  The only way to get it to work again is to uninstall, and edit the registry to remove everything that shows up in a search for "HitFilm."  Then reinstall the software.

  • Quite unusual...

  • My error.  The software stops running no matter how I exit, even when I use the exit option on the File Menu.  So my comment about using the "X" to exit the program causing the problem was not correct.   I've done a lot of trial and error and found that deleting just the following folder from the registry gets the software running again without reinstalling.


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    @Labelder2003 ; That's is some good troubleshooting!  Tagging @DannyDev

    (For everybody else, unless you know what you are doing don't mess with the registry.)

  • Everything was going fine, and I was getting caught up on our church videos.  Then I installed the new update by uninstalling the old version and installing the new version (per the update instructions). The problem is back.

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