How to close Action Pro [Solved]?

I have justed upgraded from the beta version 0.5 to release version 1.0.54 on Windows 10.

When I launch Action Pro, it starts full screen, the bottom of its display being behind the task bar - but as soon as I click anywhere in the GUI, the taskbar disappears (i.e. goes 'behind' Action Pro). Since there seems to be no 'close' button, no 'quit' menu, and no setting to start in (or switch to) 'windowed' mode, I am forced to End Task the program via the Task Manager.

I feel really dumb having to ask this - but can someone please advise me how to close the program?


  • That's a fair question, I can't figure it out either. 



  • I see no issues on either a Windows 10 machine or Mac.

    The close button for the Windows copy is where all close buttons are in Windows apps. Upper right hand corner. Click X

    On the Mac the program does open full screen. Why I don't know but If you push you mouse to the top of your screen a menu bar appears. Action Pro/Quit Action Pro

    I guess if you don't see the X in the windows copy you should probably report that to support.

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    Actually - Try this on your Windows machine - ALT - ENTER

    This command toggles between full screen mode and windowed mode. When in full screen mode you cannot see the windows borders where the close option is

  • @GrayMotion: ALT-ENTER did the trick (though I would never have worked that out without your help) - thank you!

    I'm left wondering how the window ever got into a full-screen state in the first place, as clicking on the 'maximise' window button keeps the window border visible, and ALT-ENTER is not something I knew about until now and therefore would not have pressed deliberately...

  • Chalky64 - I'm glad that worked for you. Being that Action Pro is still a beta I'm sure there are still many things to work out so I don't think it is your error at all.

    I haven't seen many questions regarding Action Pro so it's hard to tell how many active users of the program that there really is so the best course of action is to report these things to the FXHome team so that they are aware of these issues.

    I'll report this issue from my end to back up your report as the Command+Enter (Full Screen) option isn't even working on the Mac platform and it seems that it was on as a default for you on Windows while it wasn't for me.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Minor note  @GrayMotion Action Pro is now in 1.0 and out of Beta.

    I'm wondering if this is similar to a couple of the Intel GPU bugs in Hitfilm? I think Action Pro has a smaller dev team than the other products  and it's development has been slower. 

  • Ah...I stand corrected on Final vs beta. Thanks @Triem23

  • I just purchased and installed the software today and had the same problem.  Thank you for the alt-enter hint.  I hope they fix this in the next update.

  • Despite this ALT+ENTER trick that allows to get the window buttons bar, I can't see the menus. I found an intro video from Hitfilm Sensei that was showing a very different UI, with lots more options.

    When I start Action Pro, there's no menu, no way to capture in 3D, it's pretty empty. I feel like there are a lot of bugs.

  • @bodzebod74 My video was on the original 0.1 release. The UI has changed considerably since then. Action Pro is definitely in need of continued work. There is currently no timeline for a new update.

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