[NEW] Locate your HitFilm Express add-ons

edited May 2018 in Everything Else

It feels like only yesterday that we released ‘Assemble’. The new HitFilm Express has given you loads of new features and effects, except this time there are 33 NEW add-on packs!  Click here to locate where your add-ons have moved to in the latest HitFilm Express. 


  • Hi, I just bought the Color: LUT Pack, however Luts does not appear in my effects tab when editing. When I go to the store it shows that the pack is activated, however when I do as you described above and check my activations in Hitfilm, nothing is listed. I tried restarting Hitfilm and my computer as well. Is there something else im supposed to do?

  • just bought color lut. i try to use it but it says no path. i dont know how to fix this
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