THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



  • "Support the 5.7k 360 footage produced by the Insta360 One X, at 5760x 2880 pixels. "

    That is a high profile level limitation of the AVC decoder Hitfilm has licensed. Level 6 specifically. FxHome probably has to pay more to MC for level 6 support. Maybe requires the MC "broadcast" decoder for which MC wants more money.

    This is a transcode to Cineform situation. Also, I have doubts you would get any kind of reasonable edit performance with 150Mbps high profile AVC media on any CPU. So Cineform helps here again.

    The Hardware AVC decoder in Hitfilm 12 maybe/probably changes this situation. It probably handles level 6 media. The only limit being 8-bit 420 media. The decode performance could work for reasonable edit. We shall see.

  • The 360 Viewer in Ignite Pro to work in Vegas. Without it, all the other 360 plugins are pointless, because how are you supposed to check what you have done with them? Export and upload the results to YouTube? 

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    I do miss the Start Edit/Composite buttons on the New Project screen. I almost always am animating in Hitfilm and have literally never started Hitfilm into the Editor unless sending a clip through Vegas Integration. 

    However, I understand the desire to streamline/simplify the interface, so, rather than putting those buttons back, is it possible to add to the Preferences Menu a 'New Project Opens in Editor/Compositor" toggle? That would be helpful for animation/mograph creators while keeping the current New Project screen cleaner.

    I like this idea. This is one of my better ideas. I should have had it months ago! 

  • The Shift-Command-N hotkey to make a new composite shot only works when the Media tab has focus. IMO it should work no matter which part of the UI has focus. Not sure if the current behavior is intentional, or a bug.

  • I know it's already on the list, but please add the ability to key frame letter spacing/kerning.

  • +1 on the letter spacing keyframe. 

    With all the new animations, some specific to text, I assumed that one of those would have an animation for letter space expand and/or reduce. Sadly no. Interesting since letter space keyframing (animation) has been requested for some time. So we get a lot of cool and useful animations but not one that has been specifically asked for over time.


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     +1. When Spokid posted asking if it was possible I went to try and failed.  I must say this is a wonderful and useful ability to have for titles and such.

  • While keyframes for kerning would be nice, I would really love to see a fix to the (better than it was, but differently-broken than before) overall kerning behavior. Under the new system, it's a lot easier to make fine changes. However, the nature of those changes is messed up.

    For example, setting the spacing to 1 means that all characters have their normal, default kerning. Setting that value to 2 should (in my mind) simply add a consistent amount of space between all characters. However, what HitFilm currently does is literally use that spacing value as a multiple of the applied space, so that 2 means the space between one character and the next is twice as wide.  Twice as wide as what? Apparently it's each individual character's width. This leads to much more space around wide characters, and less extra space around more narrow characters. Spreading out a word this way leads to inconsistent kerning, and requires more work to fix individual character kerning to clean up the resulting mess.

    The old system applied the added space correctly, but just didn't provide for fine control of that adjustment. Now we've got the fine control we've been asking for, but the application has changed to the point where it's not very usable unless you're spreading out characters on a fixed-width typeface.

  • I would looovee for there to be a selection of free transition sounds to add to transitions, I feel like adding sounds to transitions adds more of a lively effect to videos which I would really like.

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     LeeDiaz, That would not be an effect implemented into Hitfilm, but audio media loaded in and edited, just like video and music.

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    Why isn't there hardware acceleration for AMD yet and is that a feature that's coming soon? My gtx 980 died recently and I replaced it with an rtx 580, so while I'm pretty pumped about the improvements to hfe12 it kinda sucks that it doesn't make use of my gpu.

  • @8ALTON8 Why? Because. When? Eventually. Exact date? Beats me, Mods aren't FXHOME Staff. The devs have said they are working on AMD (and MAC) acceleration for a future update. 

  • as long as it's coming I don't really care about specifics.

  • I would like to preset things of transform data, like scale or position. You are able to make a preset from effects, including keyframes. But why is this not posibble with transform data, also with keyframes. I want this because I want to zoom in with specefic keyframes from scale, and if you can preset those, you can also use it very easy in other projects.


  • Off topic.

    I just wanted to thank everyone at FXHome for letting me use Hitfilm Express to edit almost all of my 300 odd videos. 

    Sadly release 12 has been too much of a challenge for my trusty Acer Swift 1 laptop and has resulted with me looking elsewhere for a suitable editor.

    Anyway I just wanted to say thank you for nearly three productive years and to wish you every success.

    Thank you.

  • @EditMwoan36 suggested before, but not implemented. Try the Spherical Warp effect with some of the parameters turned down to just the ones you need.

  • Fix Hitfilm Express 12, make it play smoothly, every movement of the needle now causes a 5 second loading bar to appear. This isn't optimal for editing on a deadline.

  •  Hopefully, with this new UI enhancements v12,  Hitfilms code will allow these features to come 

    1. LOCKED layers

    2. Solo layers

    3. Expressions like in AE

    4. Anchor tool like in Ae to move the anchor point without manually moving the anchor point

    5. grade layers in the editor

    6.  real world units especially the camera 

  • +1000000 on markers. Please!!

  • And markers, of course.

                                                          "..and all the users, with a loud cry, 'MARKERS!'''

  • @DaraM ;HitFilm 12 works amazingly well on some systems, less so on others. Part of that may be with the way the software is designed, but it could also be your system. With performance as poor as you describe, I suggest opening a support ticket if you haven't done so already.

    You might also consider going to the Express Support forum and starting a new thread to ask for input from other users on how your system specs stack up against what's recommended.

    In either case, be sure to include details about your OS, CPU, GPU, RAM, and free hard drive space.

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    Ability to snap a layer to the edge of a view port's corner. I.e. as I'm trying to drag the image or video to the lower right hand portion of a view port (right, and bottom side), while i'm holding down another button on a keyboard, it perfectly aligns.

    This video contains a video overlay, on the bottom right hand corner. Notice there's an unwanted black section at the bottom right corner.

    This is similar to how one holds down the shift key, to resize a layer (such as a video or image) and move the mouse, while preserving the aspect ratio.

  •  "Notice there's an unwanted black section at the bottom right corner." there isn't. I do see a thin black bar across the entire top and bottom of the whole frame, but not anything obviously tied to that small overlaid video.

  • MCBeth Color Chart And Support For Other Color Charts to Do Auto Correct  From Chart.

    Can Use Sorce LUT AND Target LUT For Gama And Color Space or Select Different Sorce Target Game and Color Space :)

  • Copying to clipboard from Mocha and pasting it to create a point or a plane on the timeline. This will be a great time-saver. Now I have to save exported files, import them, etc...

  • @Lazarov as discussed in your other thread Ae is the only host that supports the mocha clipboard. Additionally, FXHOME doesn't control the Mocha code, so, at minimum, you'll also need to plead with Boris FX/Imagineer since they, too, would have to do a lot of coding to support Clipboard in Hitfilm. 

    Given only Ae can read the clipboard this may be impossible. 

  • @Triem23 Then I think its Fx home responsibility to contact Boris about this....

  • @Andersen01498 They can do that, but it would be silly to think anything would happen of it.

    Lets take for example Boris Title Studio. It has *never* worked properly in Hitfilm since the day it showed up. A bug has been reported to Boris, by me and supposedly by proxy via FxHome since I also complained to FxHome. Title Studio still does not properly work in Hitfilm. In fact, in the current version it is a little worse than previous versions. We are talking years here (Hitfilm 2017?). So if they are not interested in fixing a bug WRT Hitfilm then what do you think about adding new feature(s) for Hitfilm.

    Quick reference to the issue: this is the title studio timeline not getting the correct frame rate from the host/source. 25 fps works fine. Stuff like 29.97 nope. Only an issue if are visually timing animation speed. The TS project is the correct number of frames, it just plays at a different rate.

  • I don't think it's that much coding if they do it properly. For example, HitFilm stores the project in an XML format. This means if the Mocha plugin exports the data into a simple XML form and places it as a text content in the clipboard, it is very easy to place it in HitFilm as if it reads its project file.

    It's a different thing if they (Boris FX) are willing to invest time in that...

  • I would also like to have a shortcut for "Scale to fit" in the viewer.

    And by the way, there's a bug in version 12 that I reported where keyboard shortcuts in the viewer are not working.

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