Mistake in Action Pro's download page

Juste to let the team know that in this page


You can read "get Hitfilm Express 0.5 Beta". Everybody knows you're talking about Action Pro, but this HAS to be fixed


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Good eye Deweak! 

    If you catch anything like that in the future directly tag @GavinBarker, FXHOME's social media guru, just to make sure Staff sees it as quickly as possible. :) 

  • Good spot @Deweak! And thanks for the tag @Triem23 :) 

    We've raised this with the Dev team so it should be fixed shortly! 

  • The world will turn better soon 😉

  • While I'm here. GavinBarker since you're name has been thrown out there:

     Just a heads up, I noticed the Compare Products » page says that the lightrays effect (and several other light related effects) can be obtained in both the "VFX Lighting" and the "VFX Lighting 2" packs.  Now I know that's wrong because I have the first, but not the second vlpk, and don't own those effects, but it is a mistake (or I've been cheated 😉), and someone else (new) might not know. 

  •  You all have eyes like hawks today, my goodness!

    Nicely done @LiamMcM1, thank you! I've sent the info across to the Dev team who'll have a cheeky look at it and cover up the evidence see if amendments need to be made ;) 

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