Feature Request: Fisheye / Lens distortion

edited January 9 in Imerge Support

Is there a solution to correct lens distortion (Fisheye)? I didn't find anything with Imerge 1.1.
I got DNG files which habe a distorion like taken with a Fisheye lens and want to straighten them out.


  • Hello @Juda1,

    Imerge Pro 1.2, the latest version does not have a solution to correct lens distortions like that. It is on our roadmap and we've noted its something you would like.

    Thanks for your feedback!

  • @rikkiloades Does Imerge 2.0 have a lens correction?

  •  @Juda1 Unfortunately Imerge Pro 2.0 does not have lens correction. It is on our roadmap and being considered for future releases.

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