THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



  •  @mphtflm I totally agree I have  been asking for this too so 1000 plus on this one

  •  @tosvus "I'd really like to see HEVC H.265 support. ... If it is really a licensing cost issue, I'd be ok with it being a paid add-on."

    From what I understand, it's definitely a licensing cost issue, but unfortunately the solution isn't as easy as making it a paid add-on. Are there enough users who would pay for the add-on to offset the massive fee that FXhome would pay for the license? That's where it gets tricky. My guess is that there wouldn't be enough demand for it, so FXhome would then either have to eat the cost (unlikely) or increase the price of Pro to compensate, meaning that all Pro users end up paying for an expensive feature that only a small subset might use.

  • In the editor timeline, it would be good to add grading effects either to a grade layer or to the track itself (like in Vegas). Having to adjust color grading for each clip doesn't make sense when you are trying to achieve a unified look across the whole timeline.

  • chrishaske WOW! I just logged on to ask for that specific feature.

    100+ grading in editor timeline.

  • This might be covered by "Dynamic text box, which will resize to fit typing. (Majahr Pictures)" that  is all ready on the list.

    But I would like a way to truly center text vertically similar to how after effects does it.  You can center text horizontally no problem but even with the new text alignment tools, and the new layout panel you are still hamstrung from true vertical centering because the space above and below the text within the text box will not be the same.  So you could center the box itself vertically, but since the text within the box is not it can't be done without manual adjustment.

  • CleverTagline  ok, if they have to pay a one time huge fee, sure that would not work. If they get charged per copy they sell of the plugin it seems like a viable option though.

  • Add a 'Use Layer' parameter to Luminance Key, because Set Matte, Grade Layer and Matte Cleaner is clumsy and results are not as good.

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    Basically, being able to add an "Adjustment Layer" like in Premiere Pro, placed at the top of the layer stack in the timeline. Plus, being able to add multiple adjustment layers, you could test a variety of color grading looks to help you decide which one to go with. Sound good to me.

  • @Dimipapa If you use the new(ish) point-style text, the resulting text can be perfectly centered vertically with the Layout panel tools. Only with the old-style paragraph-based text will you have vertical centering issues based on the size of the box. To make the new point text, don't click and drag a bounding box when using the Text tool. Just start typing.

    @tosvus I'm pretty sure it's a flat fee. I'd be surprised if developers could pay based on the number of units sold.

  • @CleverTagline @tosvus it's both.... You pay a flat fee for the privilege of paying a per-unit fee. This begins the debate that must have occurred amongst the devs and corporate at FXHOME.... It goes a bit like this: "OK we pay our flat fee per year, then our per-unit fee (and, yes, these ARE yearly fees, not a one-time fee like mp4 - mp4 is NOT free, but your license was buried in cost of your computer: Microsoft and Apple have mp4 fees as part of the cost of getting the OS). How many Pro users are there and how many Express users can we anticipate buying the plug-in? Can we sell enough units to not lose money?"

    Obviously they've determined the answer is "no."

    It's not even that simple. License fees for HEVC go to multiple licensors - MPEG-LA gets a fee HEVC Advance gets a fee. Velos Media, Technicolor and other licensing partners get a fee. Wait! Region 1 (USA) and Region 2 (Europe) have different licensing fees! Oh, hell, now FXHOME needs to project sales by geographic area? Or do they just always charge the highest fee for all regions? Oh, HVEC has a content-creation fee! Yup, you're supposed to pay a license for each piece of media you create. So, there's a flat yearly fee, then a yearly per-license fee and a theoretical per-program yearly fee, AND the fees are different in differing geographic areas? What a pain!

    Compare this to h.264 which has one patent pool to pay fees to, has a cheaper fee, and that fee is consistent world-wide, and it starts to become clear as to why Hitfilm doesn't support HEVC. 

  • @Triem23 ;  I need to ask one thing why does Hitfilm support export h.264 when Adobe products especially in the newer versions they are getting rid of h.264 option to export.  I am very thankful that I am able to export in this format. 

  • @Andersen01498 no idea. I didn't even know Adobe had been dropping h.264 export. That seems.... Stupid of them. 

  • @Triem23 now you have to go through media encoder and i believe vegas is the same they dropped support too


  • @Andersen01498 nah, Vegas didn't drop mp4. Hell, they've made hardware accelerated mp4 output a selling point. 

  • @CleverTagline

    I've tried, maybe for some fonts and sizes it might work but I can't seem to get it to.  Even using point text as soon as you click the layout tab it forms a box, the box can be perfect centered vertically however the text is on the bottom line of the box and there is space above it so it winds up not being perfectly centered.

  • @Dimipapa Yes, point text does form a box when you're finished editing, but it's not the same type of box as paragraph text. With point text, the text you type defines the size of that box, which is really just a convenient boundary showing you the area that the text occupies. With paragraph text, the box and the text are more interrelated.

    If you have a blank line at the top of your point text, just delete it. Go to your first line (below the blank), then press the Backspace key to delete the blank line.

  • @CleverTagline I've tried a few more times.  It seemed to work with some fonts but not all.  There is only one line of text so the space above is artificial and can't be deleted.  I scrolled through my fonts and any font where the font extends to the very top of the box aligns perfect but any that does not, be it above or below does not.  I can't for instance get it to work with Arial.  Try it and see if you have different results, it looks close but I saved a frame and took it into paint to count pixels and it's not, at least for me.

  •  Hey guys,

    Personally, I do not like exporting with presets right now (version 11). Presets are sometimes useful, but I would appreciate it, if in the export tab, where the presets currently are, would be something more like in the project tab would be (like in the older Hitfilm versions, about 3 or 4). Presets would still exist but a bit more hidden like under "template" in the project settings.

  • @Enzo03 ; You can currently open up the export presets and get the a project tab that allows you to tweak the parameters to your desired settings and save it out as a custom preset if you like.

  • This 'feature' is more of a documentation/training thing. I would love a Hitfilm 'Cookbook' that had a bunch of recipes and key information for creating compositions, a spiral bound book would be best, with essential info on as few pages as possible, so settings are all clear that need to be made and why. Then when someone makes a tutorial, they can reference these 'recipes' so users will have the notes they need to complete the exercises, or use it to guide building their own effects. I'm new to Hitfilm, but for me, that would be the best new feature, something that would help guide and teach me, and as a common reference for any user.

  • @Dimipapa I ran a test as you suggested, and I can see your point. With Arial, as you indicated, there's a gap above the text. After a quick test, it appears that this gap exists to accommodate specific characters in the font that require the extra height, like the second "A" in this example, which has an accent above it:

    Not all fonts support such accented characters, which is why some bounding boxes appear to fit more tightly.

    As you can see, though, the bounding box does not automatically expand for characters with descenders, like the lower-case "g," so it may be possible for the text feature to be reprogrammed to make the bounding box fit more tightly around the actual "mean line" of the font (i.e. the top of the left "A"). However, changing how the bounding box behaves would affect everyone who has ever made a project using text in an older version of HitFilm, which makes it a more complex discussion. Perhaps one of the devs can chime in on this?

  • I just started using Hitfilm Pro and “lock layers” if first on my Christmas list.

  • @CleverTagline is correct. The bounding box is for the whole font. Not just the letters that are actually shown. The box top is probably going by the Cap height. The bounding box only goes to the baseline of the font. Descenders  by definition go below the baseline of the font. A typical lower case g goes below the baseline.

  • Particle Sim change:

    "Attach to Emitter" only seems to track an emitter's Position parameter. I'd be quite grateful if this also tracked an emitter's rotation. 

  • Would love to be able to view multiple comps at once to be able to make changes in one and see updates where the change is nested.

  •  Real world units for the camera because its a pain to do conversions as @Triem23 did in his Hitfilm University episodes.     

  • Can we also have Hitfilm ram preview all the time like in after effects because who want to continuously push the ram button all the time? 

  • @CleverTagline Still  I put it on here its so annoying how Hitfilm does the ram previews


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    Support the 5.7k 360 footage produced by the Insta360 One X, at 5760x 2880 pixels.

    All Hitfilm versions produce either a blank image in the Media Bin, or a yellow 'error' indicator, although if you drag it into a 1080p comp, and move the playhead, it sometimes flashes a single frame of the video before going blank again.

    Hitfilm does "support" the 4096 x 2048 pixel footage in a 1080p comp, but makes it look very soft.

    Several footage clips can be downloaded from links below this clip here, to test with Hitfilm:

    Those that load into Hitfilm look soft and blurry. But view them in YouTube and they look much sharper.

    Also a proper Tiny Planet option, as the limit on the FOV of 179 degrees isn't enough to do that, despite there being enough sky available.

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