My Laptop meet the requirements, but Imerge can't handle my 24MP Photos.

I waited patiently, but now, months later, i still can't work successfully with Imerge in my Laptop, despite all driver updates etc.

No matter if i work with RAW photos (24MP) or with TIFF (137MB).. in both cases i'm getting the following Error Message:

Insufficient graphics memory. Imerge has run out of available gfx memory. Consider reducing the size ...etc.

Despite the fact that i am able to work and do things with Imerge in my Laptop (with these photos), the problem is that i can't SAVE these photos, because i'm getting the following (Yellow) error message: Error executing kernel CL_MEM_OBJECT_ALLOCATION_FAILURE

My laptop is a new HP Envy 13.3" (i5-8250U/8GB/256GB SSD/MX150 2GB) ah0001nv (4CP81EA)

The funny (or better "tragic") thing is that i bought this Laptop.. believing that i would be able to work with Imerge, because of the NVIDIA 2GB gfx card.


  • Hey @Proteas.

    Can you reach out to us via our support system here please:

    This way we can discuss your issue in more detail that would be difficult to do here. Things like:

    • seeing the projects causing the problem (what layers, effects and masks are being combined and what the source image sizes are)
    • detailed system information from task manager, dxdiag and imerge diagnostics tools to see whats happening at the time this occurs for you.

    It might be the case of a particular combination of layers, effects, masks and image sizes is causing you to go over the limit. We have done a lot of testing to inform the system requirements but there will be combinations we havent seen as there are a rather lot of possible combinations. Seeing the problem will really help us move forward.

    We are always looking for ways to reduce memory usage and speed things up so seeing your use cases will only help us.

  • The first time I fired up IMerge I ran into a similar problem on a significantly higher spec laptop, and discovered that it was due to IMerge being started on the wimpy integrated Intel GPU. The fix was to open the nVidia settings (right click on your Windows desktop and select the nVidia control panel). In "manage 3D settings" click on "Program Settings" and look for IMerge in the drop down. If you don't find it, click add and navigate to the folder it's in and add it. Then set the preferred graphics processor to the nVidia option instead of auto select.

    The reason is that your laptop has a feature (like mine) that's designed to conserve power; it won't engage the nVidia GPU unless asked. So on startup, IMerge is getting assigned to the Intel GPU because the nVidia GPU isn't under load yet, so it's basically turned off.

    After you make that change and restart IMerge, you should see an nVidia alert telling you that it's firing up the GPU for you. 

    I hope that helps!

  • WhiteCranePhoto  Thank you but the Nvidia settings are exactly as you describe, months ago (i had to ADD Imerge-and i did). I wanted to upload a few photos when i opened this conversation, in order to show all these details (error messages, Nvidia settings etc) but this is not possible a.t.m.

  •  rikkiloades  I can try to open a case.. ok.. but i'm afraid it will take long time until we find a suitable/common time...

  • Hm. I was able to use IMerge on my Spectre x360 before I upgraded, and that also has a 2GB mx150 GPU. Have you checked your drivers? The easiest way to do that is to run the GeForce experience. 

    Other than that, I'm out of ideas. 

  •  WhiteCranePhoto   The first line, in my first comment says everything...

    It's not a driver problem, it's the way Imerge sees the world ;)

  • rikkiloadesrikkiloades Staff
    edited January 25

     Hey @Proteas. Please do reach out to us via a support case All we need is to see your project and some system information so we can replicate it. Once we have that we will require very little from you or us to find common time.

    At present, all instances we have seen via reports from users have either been out of spec machines or they have been things we've since fixed by optimising memory usage in V1.1 and V1.2.

    If we can see what's happening in your project and on a similar machine to your system we may well be able to do the same.

    At present we have very little to go on - only an error message. Without more info its going to be even more difficult to change as you say how "Imerge sees the world".

  • rikkiloades  Ok, i contacted you via Tech Support. I also uploaded 2 screenshots.

  • Thank you @Proteas.

  • Major updates in the last months, but the problem/bug with the "Insufficient graphics memory" persist...

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