Issues in using 3D: Generate

Hi all,

I purchased the 3D: Generate add-on just recently and while expermenting with it I has some issues ( see .video in youtube)

  • 3D text is behind the image ( the image is in 3D space ) until frame 06:06, yet the shadows are visible
  • I used a slight bend in the text and was expecting part of the text before the rest, yet the text appears at once at frame 06:06

Any ideas, tips or is 3D space in Hitfilm not a true 3D space?

3D Test


  • @57jgm ;HitFilm does use a true 3D space, but unfortunately Z-depth sorting of bending text geometry is a known problem. In some situations it can be worked around, but after a quick test emulating your setup I don't know a way around this one, at least not completely inside HitFilm. For a moment I thought you might be able to pull it off with Boris Extruded Text (in the Boris 3D Objects Pack), but that text isn't created in the 3D space of the rest of the comp. It just sits on top of it. As far as I know, the only way to get what you want for now is to create the scene in a 3D app like Blender.

  • @clever tagline, Hi, thank you for your response, I was hoping that I do not have to climb the learning curve of Blender. 

    Can I tryout Boris 3D Objects before purchasing?

  • @57jgm Why not just open HitFilm Express and see if Boris shows up in the effects list? That's exactly what I'm doing to answer your question. ;)

    And the answer is (drumroll, please) Boris doesn't come with Express, probably because of licensing legalities between FXhome and BorisFX.

    But like I said (or at least hoped I'd implied) above, Boris text doesn't interact with anything else in HitFilm composite shots, aside from the camera. You can tell the effect to use the camera from the composite shot, but all that does it render the text from the comp's camera angle instead of the camera position set by the effect. It won't interact with planes or any other geometry in the comp, which means you can't have Boris text emerging from the plane, which is what I gather you want to do based on your earlier example.

  • Thanks for the further explanation, spending now a bit of time in blender. Already pushing out some simple results. 

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