[ANSWERED] How do you get your free license for HitFilm Express?



  • To add to @Triem's explanation, @Jomalkin, you can download the correct, current installer from your account at any time: http://fxhome.com/account

  • Why this activation is such a pain?!

  •  okey, how do i get my serial code for FREE?? it says that it is free and will always bee but i have to by some other s**tt to get it work is this right i would like to get what i have been promised. and do you really thik that i have the money to by hitfilm pro ore studio if i just want to edit my videos for free??????????

  • @selmatleena The serial code for Express is most definitely free. Look at your account page (click the Account link in the upper-right corner of the browser when on any FXhome site page) to view all versions of HitFilm you've registered, and the serial code for each.

  • Brutally simple!! if you log in "From the Software... right after you download it it automatically load the free license!! 

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    How can I find the serial code?When I click the 'Account',it took me to a page butit said that I have not registered any software yet.What should I do to get a serial code?

    By the way, I download this software in https://fxhome.com/software-install/hitfilm-express.


  • Did you complete the full registration process? From what someone (one of the devs, IIRC) mentioned a day or two ago, you need to click a link in an email that FXhome sent you in order to fully wrap the registration process and be issued a serial code.

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