[ANSWERED] How do you get your free license for HitFilm Express?



  • To add to @Triem's explanation, @Jomalkin, you can download the correct, current installer from your account at any time: http://fxhome.com/account

  • Why this activation is such a pain?!

  •  okey, how do i get my serial code for FREE?? it says that it is free and will always bee but i have to by some other s**tt to get it work is this right i would like to get what i have been promised. and do you really thik that i have the money to by hitfilm pro ore studio if i just want to edit my videos for free??????????

  • @selmatleena The serial code for Express is most definitely free. Look at your account page (click the Account link in the upper-right corner of the browser when on any FXhome site page) to view all versions of HitFilm you've registered, and the serial code for each.

  • Brutally simple!! if you log in "From the Software... right after you download it it automatically load the free license!! 

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    How can I find the serial code?When I click the 'Account',it took me to a page butit said that I have not registered any software yet.What should I do to get a serial code?

    By the way, I download this software in https://fxhome.com/software-install/hitfilm-express.


  • Did you complete the full registration process? From what someone (one of the devs, IIRC) mentioned a day or two ago, you need to click a link in an email that FXhome sent you in order to fully wrap the registration process and be issued a serial code.

  • For over two years people have had the same complaints.... and here I am in 2020 unable to activate after registering my account via the email from you, and NO SERIAL CODE ANYWHERE TO BE FOUND..... what is going on!?!?

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    @Payam007 ; What's going on is you glomed onto an old thread that was last updated a year ago.  Plenty of things have been upgraded since then.  Rule of thumb is to create a new thread.   Please contact support

    Paging @TheBenNorris.


  • @Payam007 as Stargazer mentioned, please create new threads or contact support detailing your difficulties instead of latching on to old threads. So much has changed in the process since this thread was birthed that it most likely will be a different issue.

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