THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



  •  Have boris plugins more compatible....sometimes in hitfilm the controls dont show up

  • I'm not sure what you mean by, the controls don't show up.

    I've never had a problem with Boris effect controls showing in Hitfilm. This is mostly the classic legacy Boris effects since they use OpenGL UI interface features. Title Studio has its own UI which is independent of Hitfilm.

  • @NormanPCN I have a few of boris plugins and they sometimes dont have the controls showing up.  AND....this is a known issue but boris title studio will not show up if you have other boris fx plugins.  

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    Ok, something I would really like added would be viewer controls for the particle emitter. Just if you need to match the emitter to something in your video.

    Edit: I know there's already position controls in the viewer. The thing I would like would be scale viewer controls. For then you use a circle, quad or another shape emitter.

  • The ability to do a 'Reverse' Quad Warp. i.e where you apply the 4 corner points to something and have that stretched out to the full size of a comp. It's used in AE a lot when you want to do something to the resulting comp, then reapply that full-sized version with corner pins to something else.

    You can do it manually, but it's a bit of a drag (pun intended) and would be a lot quicker if you could just press a button and have it fill the comp automagically by having the maths worked out for you.

  • +1 "Reverse Quad Warp."

  • Hello

    Clip Title Left of Timeline

    I did a quick search but I probably missed it. If I have, please accept my apologies.

    I was wondering if we could have the title of the clip - that is on the left of the timeline - showing? At the moment I have to either scroll left, PgUp or selectClipClickControls.

    Thank you.


  • Painting tool like in AE 

  • Thumbnails for composite shots in the Media Bin, without you having to Proxy/Pre-render them to have them appear.  Having blank composite shots to edit with is needlessly awkward.

    Don't care how hard it is to store them, or recreate them, every time a project is loaded (previous excuses). Run a low priority thread in the background to populate them and stick them in the same folder as all the other caches.

    RAM Preview in the NLE.

  • "RAM Preview in the NLE."

    +1 to this a million times over

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    Only been on Hitfilm for a few weeks now (bought Pro a few days ago).  In the effects area, it really shines, even with what it has for free in the Express version.  As a basic editor, it seems slightly lacking.  There are some features that it feels like at least the Pro version should definitely have such as...

    +1 for...

    Grouping clips/elements, Locking tracks, a modifier for fine tuning numeric values in effects, etc., and better autosave functionality.

    I think the built in screen capture would also be a "nice to have" feature but I do have OBS, and some other ways of doing this currently so not that big of a deal but it would be nice to have something built it.

    Of course, there are tons of things on the list that would be nice to have but IMO, grouping, locking, fine tuning, and better autosave functionality, seems like should be there in a Pro version.


  • Auto-incrementing numbers added to the ends of Project filenames when you save them, as a protection against losing a project in a crash, plus the ability to go back to a previous version more easily than by using multiple Undos..

    Either automatically, with the option toggled on/off with an option; or implemented with a different key sequence to the usual one. E.g. CTRL-SHIFT-S to add an auto-incrementing number, rather than the usual CTRL-S which just saves the project file, and CTRL-ALT-S which gives you "Save As".

  • List of Fonts in their Own Font

    Sometimes I'm looking for that one font but I can't remember what most of the fonts I have look like.


    I have seen some applications that show a pictorial list of the fonts in their own font.


    This would be a nice little touch.

  • I got a couple ideas.  First one, as a beginner I don't really know what most of the effects do so it would be nice if when you hover over an effect in the effects panel a text box should pop up with info about that effect I. E. What it does and example uses (can toggle on and off it you don't want them). Second would be being able to add effects like camera shake to the virtual camera to give more authentic feel to its movement.

  • DrancoHD as for camera shake, there is a safe free preset fore that in the preset marketplace at

    its called ''Camera wiggle'' 

    direct link

  • @DrancoHD @LiamMcM1

    Or, the shake effect... 

  •  Triem23  of course😁 that is the OTHER way to do it 😋😉

    Just kidding, My bad, thats cool.

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    I'm wondering if anything that doesn't get a +1 goes right in the bin, so feel free to chime in if you think a feature is useful. ;)

    An 'automatic' version of the Grade Layer applied internally in those effects where it would be appropriate; such as Set Matte.

    AE has had this as an option for more than a year for its 'auto' Adjustment Layers so you can avoid a lot of the faffing about with extra Grade Layers or embedded Comps, by just selecting that in the drop down menu of the effect in AE when you point it at things that won't work without one, like a Mask on a Fractal Noise etc.

    Here it is back in April 2017's AE.

     And from the AE manual:

    "Effects can include masks and effects of other layers
    Effects that use layers as an input such as Set Matte and Displacement Map target the masks and effects of the input
    layer. You can use these layers without pre-composing them for the purpose of being referenced by an effect.
    The control is similar to the function of View menu at the bottom of the Layer viewer panel which allows you to render
    the layer from different positions in the rendering order: from its source, from its masks, or from its individual effects.

    For effects with layer properties, open the Input Parameter menu to the right of the layer selection choose the target
    input layer such as:
    Source: targets only the source of the layer. Masks and effects are ignored.
    Masks: targets the layer after its masks are applied. Effects are ignored.
    Effects & Masks: targets the layer after its masks and effects are applied."
  • wish the FX Home crew would fix the character spacing bug, eg typing "THANK YOU FOR WATCHING" in the Impact font, sized up to fit between margins without wrapping, when the incremental values for this field changed in release 10.

  • Add option to auto export without going to the export tab and say "start Exporting"?

    PS I am happy to be part of your team to help design the interface. Paid obviously. I got great skills ;)

  • One implementation of @iDatus's humble suggestion would be a "Fast Export: Content/In-Out" Option as a right-click option on the Export Button. This would immediately render with the default render profile. 

  • @triem23, what about assigning a keyboard shortcut to a macro? 🙂

  • I will +1. This for sure!!!!
    An 'automatic' version of the Grade Layer applied internally in those effects where it would be appropriate; such as Set Matte.

    AE has had this as an option for a year or more for its Adjustment Layers so you can avoid a lot of the faffing about with extra Grade Layers or embedded Comps, by just selecting that in the drop down menu of the effect in AE when you point it at things that won't work without one, like a Mask on a Fractal Noise etc.

  • +1 to the auto-grade-layer thing mentioned by @Palacono, and also the quick export proposed by @iDatus and refined by @Triem23 and @StephenSE9 .

    Here's my wish: scripting support. I'm not just talking an equivalent to AE's expressions, though that would be cool. I'm talking a full-on scripting API (my preference: Python) that lets users write their own tools. Such a system would allow for the development of things like an EDL exporter, tools to batch-process multiple items (want to add dissolve transitions between the 100 images you just dropped into the Editor timeline? Done!), etc.

  • +1 on the auto grade layer function. Something to let us reference a layer post effects+mask+etc.

  • Drop Shadows that use *absolute* number of pixels -- I don't want the drop-shadow to depend on the scale of an image I imported, I want it to be exactly 25 pixels, period, so they're all consistent across multiple graphics.

    Presets for Transitions -- so much extra time spent putting a push on an image and then having to change it's direction.

  • @woohooligan The Drop Shadow effect *does* use absolute pixels. While the default Distance value is (for some unknown reason) initially set based on the size of the target layer, it's still an absolute pixel distance. I just tested it by loading in three different sized images and applying Drop Shadow to all of them. Their starting Distance values were all different, but setting them all to 30 created shadows that were all 30 pixels from the source.

    The problem arises when you need to scale a layer smaller because it's content is too big for the composite shot dimensions. Scaling the layer down scales all layer content, including the shadow, so those 30 pixels (using my earlier example) are still 30 absolute pixels as far as that layer is concerned, but those pixels are rendered differently because, with the layer scaled smaller, they are no longer a 1:1 match with the display pixels.

    Are you asking if it's possible to code the Drop Shadow plugin to compensate behind the scenes for layer scale, so that it attempts to maintain the shadow's rendered dimensions even at smaller (or larger) sizes? For example, a drop shadow with a Distance of 30 pixels on a layer that's scaled to 50% would actually render at 60 pixels on the layer, which would become 30 pixels in the final comp render. That would be a nifty trick if it were possible.

  • Shortcuts for simple transform like opacity, scale, position, etc just like in After Effects.  I'm am using AE a lot right now and when I go back to hitfilm I'm always trying to push a shortcut for a transform property.  Please add this.

  • Customizable interface, change font size and interface color; light/dark mode. So tiny on a laptop!

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