Sesame Street: The Greatest Show

A mashup of Sesame Street and The greatest showman that i made. Not my Greatest work, but i had fun Enjoy!


  • Regardless of what you think about it, it gave me a massive smile.

    Obviously a very powerful song but couple that with muppets (sesame street are still muppets aren't they?) and what is there NOT to smile about.

    P.S. Oh... you had some masking.clipping issues 

  • Nice! The way you ended on Grover just makes me giggle.  :) 

  • This was great. Really liked it. Cookie Monster spinning on that wheel was a nice touch.

  • Agree with everyone above. Giggles and smiles were had watching this, especially Grover flying through the air thanks to Big Bird :) 

    Definitely caught a few glimpses of Huge Jacked-man dancing behind Elmo, but overall a really fun little piece!

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