DARKNESS UNVEILED - Lightsaber Duel - LCC 2018 (11/1/18)



  • Haha!  Love the silly randomness of it.  Fun stuff!

  • Hey all!!!

    We are back!!!

    And here is an update!!


  •  @HIS_Films ; Got some slick transitions going on there.  It really adds a lot of movement to your work.  Good job.

  • @tddavis Thanks!! trying my best to get better at those! hehe  Glad you liked it!

  • Fun stuff! Looking forward to whatever comes next!

  • @jsbarrett thanks for the support!!


  • Hey all!! Here is a Teaser for the upcoming Bologna Man trailer!!!!!

    ENJOY!! And please share with as many as you know!

    Please leave any comments you have, and what you thought!



  • HERE IT IS!! The long awaited short film Bologna Man - An Unlikely Beginning!!!

    Enjoy and let me know what you thought!!!



  • Way cool guys!  Well done.

  • @Stargazer54 Thanks man! Glad you liked it!!

  • Quite impressive! I must admit, thinking back to some of the teasers and tests you'd shared for this project, I wasn't sure what to expect, but this short has definitely won me over. I'm really impressed with everything you guys have done in this piece. There are a few technical issues here and there, but they're largely overshadowed by how well this works in so many ways.

  • Everything that  @jsbarrett said.

  • Haha! Thanks @BobDiMarzio and @jsbarrett !!! Glad people are starting to like this character that most people, just from reading the name wouldn't even watch :lol: Yep I know those technical issues, and I will continue to grow in correcting those ;) thanks a bunch for y'alls support! I really appreciate it!

  • @HIS__Films I think you hit on a good point. The name did kinda make me question if it was going to be an interesting story, but your storytelling skills are definitely solid.  You took the time to establish the main character in interesting ways so that we feel for him, and we can empathize somewhat with his flaws. The pacing of the edit feels spot on. Your use of music is great.  The way you shot your scenes is engaging and creative. For example, I know in my mind that the pantry isn't really that tall, but the way you shot it and used just a couple effects shots really helps to sell the height amazingly well.

    And of course, none of this would matter much if the performances were sub-par, but again, everyone rocked it. Having seen some of the casual videos you've shared where Elijah is just goofing off, I wondered how well this story would come across with him as the lead.  Once it finished, I felt two things: 1) excitement that it's so freakin' good, and 2) shame for having assumed earlier that Elijah might not be able to pull off a solid performance.  I was WAY wrong. He's killing it!

    Again, major props to everyone for really working hard and telling a solid, engaging story. I think you were talking elsewhere about how long it was taking to put this first short together, and you might've been a little frustrated by the delay in wrapping it, but the results are absolutely worth the time you spent.  I definitely want to see more Balogna Man!

  • @jsbarrett thanks so much for your kind words! I really appreciate it! And it is very encouraging

  • Sorry I'm late to the party, but this is great!

    The scene in the pantry was my favourite bit.

  • @JMcAllister ; No problem!! Glad you enjoyed it!!!

    That seems to be the majority of everyone's favorite scene!

  • Hey all!!! OH I have not been on here for a looooooooong time! But we have something!!! Here is a teaser trailer for our upcoming entry DARKNESS UNVEILED for the Lightsaber Choreography Competition 2018!!!

    Please let me know what you all think!!!


  • I was just thinking the other day that we hadn't seen anything from you in quite a long time. If this is why, I'm not surprised at all. :)  Overall, this looks amazing! Really impressive work all around.

    My only quibble is with the shot under the first VO clip at about :06.  The first two times I watched it, I thought, "There's nothing here. What's this supposed to show?" Only on the third watch, when I paused the video on that shot, did I catch sight of the dark box that's featured later in the trailer.

    Our eyes are more drawn towards light than dark, so the first couple watches I was trying to make sense of those light pieces above and below it, completely ignoring that small dark space. For that thing to stand out, you'll probably need to reshoot with the box featured more prominently in frame. The angle is also working against you. In that opening shot, we see mostly the box front, with only a small part of one side that's even darker, and it's all pretty small in the frame. The later shot works better because the box takes up the full frame, so there's no mistaking what it is and where we're supposed to look.

    The rest of it worked well to capture my interest, and I'm not normally drawn towards Star Wars fan films.  I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the finished film!

  • Thanks @jsbarrett !!! Yes, I was gone on a month vacation, then went to start filming this right away! ;) That is why you all have not seen me in a while!

    Thanks for the pointer! I appreciate it! I unfortunately don't have time to re shoot that scene, due to the entry due in 6 days and we only having about 50% of the vfx done with still sound and music to do!!!!!!!! but with the entire clip in the film, and with some different color correction, hopefully it will be fine. Again thanks! I really appreciate your advice, and I hope you are seeing improvements in our films!! 


  • This is fantastic! 

    I'm a big fan of melee combat that's shot and edited together with the choreography in mind, and considering the length of some of these duels it was great to see the camera remain steady and on the combatants rather than focus on quick cuts and shaky cam. Oh and that slice-in-half looked cool as well!

    I struggled a bit to get my bearings during the initial scuffle indoors, just due to how dark it was alongside picking out the various characters in play, but I've got to say, this is a seriously impressive piece of work :) 

  • @GavinBarker Thanks for your kind words!!! Glad you enjoyed it! Yep I understand that it can be tough to see what is actually going on when they start to fight in the barn, I will have to work on my lighting  ;) Thanks again!

  •  With the resources and time available you all did a fantastic job , its a smooth entertaining action sequence ,well done cant fault it

  • @Rogyrue Thanks! yes if I had more time it would have been a bit better ;) I hate and love deadlines hehe :)

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