The Scarecrow | Halloween Short Film

A little halloween special from Knave Entertainment, edited with Hitfilm Express :) Though this short film is swedish, there is english captions!

Happy Halloween Hitfilm Users 🎃


  • haha

    I enjoyed that

  • edited October 2018

    Charlestructor   Very nice scarecrow prop/costume.  Creepy but with a nice humorous payoff at the end.  Well done!

    Edit: Oh, and I forgot bless you all for the subtitles!  You know us American's with only one language too well :)

  • Excellent. Really well shot and acted. GREAT costume. You might have done the reveal a little quicker for more shock value.

    The last line delivered in swedish (?) really added to the humour. The only word I understood was 'Liquorice' but it still made perfect sense. Great job.
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