Ablity to move multiple layers at once

if you select multiple layers at once it would be useful if they could be moved and scaled together, if I'm missing how to do this please let me know.

From a user perspective, if you've created five or six layers and decide that although the layering you created is correct, they are all just in the wrong position and need moving together, this facility would greatly improve that (yes I created 10 smoke layers and decided that although they looked cool together, the whole thing needed shifting down an inch or so...) 


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    Oops, never mind. Posted in wrong 'forum'.

  • @Palacono

    I think you're referring to HitFilm there whereas Alastair is posting in the Imerge Support forum (good solution though!).


    We don't support translating/transforming multiple layers yet, but it is on the wishlist and something we'd like to add soon.

  • @DanielGWood thanks, look forward to seeing the updates as they come through


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    In today's update to Imerge Pro 1.2, we have added the ability to nudge multiple selected layers via the canvas controls, using the arrow keys. So if you select your 10 smoke layers, then hold the down arrow key, it should move them all at once. You can also increase the speed of movement using the shift key.

  • @DanielGWood thanks, but that does not appear to do anything

  • Perhaps there is an issue there. Which operating system are you running?

    Here's a video demonstrating how it should work (apologies for the boring squares): http://recordit.co/652izR2zq2/


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    ah that's why it won't work for me, the implementation assumes they are the only layers there, I currently have 20 layers, the layers I want to move have to be selected via the panel and CTRL clicking them as using the selection tool like that will select layers I don't want to move

  • You can also ctrl-click them on the canvas, depending on how your project is laid out this may or may not be practical. Making the selection via the layer list unfortunately doesn't work with these keyboard modifiers yet, I'll log that and we'll address it in a future update.

  • thanks @DanielGWood, yeah with my layers not being the topmost ones, clicking on the canvas is not possible, the layers are at multiple levels of the composit and all need moving at once to retain the look across the whole piece. I look forward to seeing the moving of the selected layers being possible via the layers being selected on the layer list in a future release

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