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  • @Triem23 Thanks, I watched both part 1 & 2 of your camera tutorials last night again, and while 1 was heavy stuff, 2 offered some good learning. I tried to put it into play last evening, having a camera move down so that my sparks revel that they are sourced from some flames. However, I think  needed to use the point trick, as my flames moved into view but my sparks stayed put.

  • So things moved on with my latest little fun project, and after 13 exports I thought I was close, BUT I am not sure I like the finished look, feels too slow, drawn out. I think I need to sit down an do a re-edit. I guess I can just bring my final export in and chop it up to look like I want. I like the look, the footage, just not the pace.

  • So after over 40 exports, at least two director edits over 20hrs of editing and who knows how much tea I have drunk, I think I am ready to share with the world my Conan mini trailer thingy. This was a labor of love, time for Hitfilm fun is short in my life and so I burnt a few late nights to bring this thing to life. I used Hitfilm Pro this time, which is mostly because of the use of the particle engine and  3d model. Both however these could of been existing footage and then Express would of done the job. Happy with most of it, and open to feedback.


    PS: I've given the grade a more 1980 grade, as this is the period when the original Conan the Barbarian came out.

  • That was pretty slick. :)

  • Thanks guys was fun making.

  •  @Andy001z I especially like the the distortion effect you used on the images which really added to the flames.  Also, I watched it on You tube and discovered that I had never subscribed to your channel before so that's taken care of now.

  • @tddavis ;thanks for the sub, not that I am not much of a regular producer of content. Yes I too was pleased with that look, very simple really I played with the blend mode in the editor timeline and found that overlay worked well. I was going for the story teller looking into the flames look.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Crom smiles from atop his mountain. 

  • Indeed he does @Triem23. You know I love this movie so much (don't judge too harsh) that you saying that made me think of the scene with the thief and Conan round the fire talking gods

    Conan: "Crom is strong, he is the ground, the mountains"

    Thief : "My god is in the sky, the wind and therefore he lives on top of your god...haha."

    Now what project next....

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Andy, I love it, too. Also, my favorite soundtrack, ever, bar none. 

    What is best in VFX? 

    To crush your enemies, clone them before you, and composite the lamentations of the women. 

  • Haha @triem23 not seen that before.

  • Ill just leave this here.... just to ensure the link is right.


  • I love it. It captures the atmosphere perfectly.

    I really got into Conan for a short while through the old cartoons and comics. I was also just the right age for the Arnie films and Red Sonja. 

    Later I bought the complete chronicles. I know they were  originally written as pulp fiction but I think it was a case of too much of an average thing :-) .  

  • @Andy001z ; Looks like the real deal!  Excellent!

    If I may one note:  When you zoom back the snake logo at the end, why  not make it land in its final spot over where the text is going to fade ininstead of zoom back then track right to catch the logo?

  • @Stargazer54 well spotted, this was in fact one of the last changes I made. It was all lined up in earlier versions but what I noticed was that Conan was sitting not central in the image which meant when the titles came up it all looked slightly off centre. I thought if I leave that offset someone is bound to spot it and comment. So the resulting edit was done, and yes I agree it looked better before. However, you are thinking why not just move Conan over a nudge, simple to say harder to do, the way I built the scene would mean going back and re-rendering/exporting the thrown part and would need to do some cloning to mask the black space that would appear after the move. Frankly I choose the easier option and what with this being a fun fan project I was not that bothered. So far it’s not had that many views so not really an issue.

    Thanks for feedback.

  • Ok inspired by the recent audio tutorial here is my little thing



  • @Andy001z

    Whoa dude, that is awesome. :)

  • @Andy001z ; Looks pretty sweet.

  • Thanks guys I am pleased but I have a couple of ideas to push out to the next level.

  • Anyone interested in a tutorial?

  • Yes please.  Thank you @Andy001z :)

  • Ok here is the deal if I get 5 requests (different people mind) I'll consider it.


  • Awe man... I was gonna request it four more times. :)

  • @Andy001z ; Please.  I love tutorials by people who know the software so much better than me.

  • Bump

    Three more, c'mon guys please?

  • Well although I believe he should do a video because he wants to other than by vote...I'll give you 1 more @spydurhank

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    Vote  👍

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