THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



  • The ability to select a clip on the timeline from the media panel. This would help a ton with large projects where clips can sometimes get lost in the mix

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    ...never mind, it's fixed. :)

  • A better 3D unrolled / 3D planes compatibility, to avoid planes being masked by an unrolled object even if they are in front of it and on an upper layer.

  • Snapping for objects and automatic magnetic guide lines to align elements when needed.


    And the loop function for objects and composites...

  • I would greatly appreciate the ability to sync multiple video clips to one or more audio clips in the timeline.

    I love HitFilm, but this is somewhat crippling for me when doing live events.

  • @Dewal +1 for looping and +1 for snapping 

  •  "the ability to sync multiple video clips to one or more audio clips in the timeline" 


  • I would love to change the color of a  folder in the media bin for organization.

  • Thumbnails in the media bin with just the filename below them. Not all the other information, which could be obtained by hovering over the clip  with an Alt text info box.

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    I strongly believe a revamp of the export tab/section is a must.
    i've been using HitFilm Express v9 (for 2 days) as my media encoder and it worked really nice and i just thought : Hummmmm ! i don't need Adobe Media Encoder anymore then !

    Yes ! by transforming the Export Tab/Section and making it also a Media Encoder with a better design and organization ... you will change live arround and even if you make it more professional with more stuffs loaded on HitFilm Pro then you will hit the score.
    Reallyy i don't understand why a Media Encode Software is separate from a Video Editor/compositor ... an All-in-One is always a good thing.

    one more thing here, the Start Exporting is not at the good place ... please make a way for it to be more accessible and usable ... think and take consideration of newbies, learners and new comers.

    Many peoples adopt a software solution because of it's convivial and intuitive UI, you have made great work until now, so a bit of polish and adjustment is not a luxe.

    Blessings !

  • @ArnaudMez I merely note that the current Export Queue is the third overhaul of that screen, (also,until this last revamp the Export buttins were on the left of the layer stack  not above the timeline ) fewer than six months old, and was tuned based off years of user requests. To say "better organized" probably won't go anywhere. Can you give the devs specific guidelines and details on how you feel the Export Queue can be improved? Otherwise  right now I see the devs reading your comment  shrugging and saying "Well you can't please everybody!" 

  • Ouch ! 
    Well i've seen that you mentioned many other users than me asked for change and you made it happen ... i respect that but please make it colored for example in red like the color used for "record button".
    Make it something that we can see and click without doubting.

    many users consider the bottom bar as place where short or quick instructions about the tool they've got their pointer too is displayed if get you my point here.

    Blessings !

  • @ArnaudMez changing the color of the Export button isn't a bad idea

    To clarify something, forum mods aren't FXHOME staff or Hitfilm devs. We're just user volunteers who help staff keep the forum free of spam. :D

  • Well @triem23 you are doing a great job, thank you for your support will wait next versions and see what's implemented.

    Another wish i have (or maybe i just want to know) is : can HitFilm Express import svg or PSD files from design softwares allowing us to animate them ?

    Blessings !

  • @ArnaudMez not at the moment, but this is certainly the correct thread for PSD and SVG input  :D

  • I wish if there's integration with tts(text-to-speech).

    I sometime composite game-play videos with text-to-speech softwares like softalk and bouyomi-chan(in Japan, these are famous tool to make "Yukkuri-game-play video")

    Text-to-speech can help us to easily make cartoon-like video, but it costs more time because have to put tts voices and subtitles separately.

    I wish if I can make subtitles and tts voice more systematically in hitfilm.

  • Might have added this before, but anyway:
    The Editor doesn't prompt you to change Project Settings if you add more than one clip at once; so adding a 4k 30fps and a 720p 24fps clip at the same time to a new 1080p 25fps Project doesn't ask you anything.

    Could it prompt you for one of them, or tell you they're mixed or...anything? It's perfectly normal to just drag a lot of clips onto the timeline,then start chopping them about and you'd not be told it's all a waste of time because the project settings were wrong and all the clips have been confirmed to it.

    Anyway, once the project settings are established (with the first and only clip?), could it then prompt you to auto-transform additional footage to match the project settings for you - if they're different - so mixed footage could be used with fewer manual steps?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    To build on what @Palacono says, the easiest method would be some sort of toggle in File>Options for default behavior when dragging clips to a timeline: True Size (current behavior), Fill Vertical (scale up 4:3 with pillar box), Fill Horizontal (scale 4:3 up to fill horizontal width, cropping top/bottom out of canvas). The desired behavior exists in the right-click context menu already. 

    In general, video editing will want video scaled vertically, vfx/compositing you want true size. Fill Horizontal is most useful for photo sideshows. Fill the width of a Portrait orientation photo to the project and just pan vertically to "Ken Burns."

  •  A „Type” option for the Text effect would be great. At the moment, if you want the text to appear as being typed, you have to mask each letter, which is time consuming, nevermind boring.

  • @filmsensi has a tutorial on text typing. He makes it look a little easier.

    If this is what you are asking?



  • Thanks guys for the great suggestions! We take note of all of them, so please do keep your suggestions for new features coming.

  • @DataDesign, yes, that was what I was reffering to. I know that @FilmSensei tutorial. That is definitely not an option when you have a big text.

    Working in the news field, if you have a long soundbite that you want to transcript on screen, a Type option for revealing the inserted text would be time saving and perfect looking in the still shot (having a picture of the person speaking and the text being typed right next to them).

    So, please masters of Hitfilm, enhance the Text feature with this option. It's a must have for every video editor, especially those in the news media.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @GabrielTudor note the Boris 3D add-on for Hitfilm Express (included with Pro) specifically has a type on effect.

  • @Triem23 ( regarding the type writer effect)who wants to take time to open boris when we can have a native option.  Im all about efficiency here

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Gdane114 Boris opens up from the Effects Panel like any other effect. You wouldn't find a "Native" option any faster to implement. In the meantime, an option already exists, and it's more efficient to use Boris than to wait for the Hitfilm devs to code (or not) a Type-on effect  :)

    Now, Mods aren't FXHOME staff or Hitfilm devs, we're user volunteers who also delete spam, so I'm guessing here, but... Boris 3D has a Type-on effect, and Boris's 3D module costs $50 for Hitfilm, $199 for all other hosts. If we're going to discuss efficiency, if I DID work for FXHOME my thought would be it's "inefficient" to code a native version of something one of my vendor partners has built, especially since said vendor is giving the Hitfilm users 75% off what everyone else pays. I'd have the devs doing other things. :-) Especially when FXHOME just added a brand-new product line! 

  • So I use a lot of text and it is usually the last thing I throw on and I need to do it quickly, with some variety and usually on the timeline. I have 2 thoughts:

    1. Adding some more parameters to Generate>Text. This is by far my favorite option but I often have to use BCC Extruded Text because Generate lacks some basic functions such as tracking, although it does have leading. With some tweaking Generate>Text could be super powerful, especially paired with Geometry. I would probably stop using BCC altogether if just tracking was added, andcthe ability to use multiple fonts and sizes together.

    2. The ability for Generate>text to either autocreate a plane or be it's own type of layer in the editor timeline. It's a bummer when you're moving fast and have to stop, make a plane, organize it into a new folder, add the effect, etc.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @MCMedia or drag out another instance of an existing plane from the media bin. No project should ever have more than one plane of a specific size.... Reuse, and use Fill Color if you need to change color.

  • Triem23 

    "Boris's 3D module costs $50 for Hitfilm, $199 for all other hosts. If we're going to discuss efficiency, if I DID work for FXHOME my thought would be it's "inefficient" to code a native version of something one of my vendor partners has built, especially since said vendor is giving the Hitfilm users 75% off what everyone else pays. I'd have the devs doing other things." 

    I would also guess something of the kind with Mocha, Costs 50$ USD as an add-on, or comes with pro for 300$ USD,  buy it anywhere else and will cost a good deal more $$$.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @LiamMcM1 not quite... The Boris 3D unit is the same as for other hosts, where Mocha Hitfilm is a subset of the Mocha Pro functions... Just camera solves, object tracking and roto splines without the Lens Distortion  Insert and Remove modules. That said, a new Mocha Pro License is $700 for perpetual or $200 for a year subscription, and Mocha Pro upgrades from older Mocha Pro versions are at least $300. So, $50 for two of five modules with a perpetual license is quite good pricing. But it's part of why FXHOME hasn't coded a camera solver or "roto brush" directly into Hitfilm. It's another couple of functions the third party vendor has covered, excellently  at a really reasonable price. Especially since a roto brush would probably be a $25 Express add-on, as would 3D point tracking! 

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    OT: The current Mocha 2019 has a new ' magnetic' roto brush tool, which looked interesting...until I tried it.

    It follows edges around things and sticks to the detailed parts of complex shapes in a way that would be fiddly to do manually - which looks very impressive. Then you close the shape and it throws much of it away and produces a loose approximation of the shape it just drew. There is the option to increase detail, but it's already set at 90% and going up to 100% doesn't add very much at all; certainly not close enough to what it could be.

    As, at some point there might(?) be a 'Hitfilm Mocha 2019' (currently Hitfilm uses the April 2017 version) with the usual reduced feature set: I'm hoping they (Boris/Imagineer) tweak that feature a little to be closer to the shapes it original draws. There is still the manual way, of course, which works just fine and gives you all the detail you need.

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