[Resolved] How do I crop an image?

I cannot find an option to crop an image? I realize this isn't Adobe Photoshop but there should be a way to crop any image or layer you are working on. When I use Photokey 8 Pro in the keying section there is an option to crop the foreground image which is very useful in removing areas of the photo that are not green screen. I just spent $74.50 and I can't crop an image... What the crap?  


  • Let's define what cropping does. Cropping effectively defines a rectangular mask then discards pixels outside that mask. This is a "destructive" edit because the pixels are thrown away and can no longer be recovered without re-importing the original asset.

    Imerge is built on a "non-destructive" paradigm. Original pixel data is no longer discarded. Imerge does have rectangular masking tools to limit visible areas of a layer, and can change the canvas size to change the active pixel area. Layers can also be moved and resized within a canvas, so the functions to perform something similar to a crop are there, but not in a single step.

    I should give the devs a Wishlist item for a "Canvas Mask" which resizes the canvas to the drawn bounding box and recenters layers. This would effectively recreate a pure crop function without being a true crop (because one can't crop in non-destructive workflow). 

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    An option to crop your canvas in a non-destructive way is on our roadmap and will be added in the future.

    As for removing bits of a photo that is not greenscreen, that is exactly what the layer masks are for - check them out. The area mask is probably closest to what you want if you just want to crop a rectangular area out.

  • @andybeeker Today we released Imerge 2.0 and it has a crop tool now. Check it out and let us know what you think.

  • Imerge 2.0 version in my opinion is much better, thanks.

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